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What Mistakes Do Candidates Often Make In GATE?

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Going by our online study for the commonly performed mistakes in GATE, both when preparing for and taking it, here is a list of those blunders:

Remaining Oblivion to Syllabus

The first of all the errors that a good number of aspirants make is that of neglecting the full syllabus. As per a study, 90% of the questions in GATE belong to the syllabus. Hence, having a robust preparation only after a good study/analysis of the syllabus can produce the desired outcome for you.

Hence, get a detailed printout of the GATE syllabus of your subject and stick it on the wall of your study room. Similarly, you can prepare a digital format of that syllabus (photograph, doc/pdf file etc.) and have it in your smartphones so that you can view it as and when required!

Housing an Inferior Study Material

Competency of study material is one of the major concerns when you are toiling hard via your preparation. It won’t be wise to invest your full year in the preparation without having a competent study material. This potentially can translate to your failure, ultimately.

It would be wise instead, to go for the trusted sources both online and offline, in this matter. Hence, with a little development and management of your networks of friends, you can have handwritten notes from reputed coaching.

Lacking Efficient Strategy for Preparation

Assuming that you are an extremely novice beginner in GATE, we are producing following pursuable suggestions for you:

  1. Begin with preparing for most basic subjects (for an instance, SOM in Civil Engineering). Read it with an attentive mind bearing that you need to prepare for only those topics, as have been mentioned in the GATE syllabus.
  2. While you progress ahead with preparation of the subjects lying ahead, do bear in mind to give proper revisions to the ones prepared previously.
  3. Once you’ve prepared all the disciplines thoroughly one by one, you must revise several subjects (or, the various topics of several subjects), at the same time. The idea, here, is to embrace a holistic approach for either all or as many subjects, as you can have when preparing in the more progressed stage. This holistic approach is to be followed by you only in the advanced stage of your preparation. This approach also is incomparable to the earlier ones mentioned in steps 1 and 2. Therefore, it shouldn’t be followed in those steps but, only in number 3.

Lacking Sufficient Practice of Numerical Problems

The numbers of the numerical questions overcome heavily their theoretical equivalents, in GATE. And, that’s quite natural as it’s an exam for testing engineers! Hence, be prepared more for and with the numerical portion!

Lacking Sufficient Practice of GATE Virtual Calculator

The virtual calculator provided in the exam being the much-needed and single feature to rely on for calculations in the numerical problems, sufficient practice of it is indispensable.

There are a number of virtual calculators available in the online market. Yet, to go with the most trusted one will be the wisest step. Hence, the aspirants can have the GATE Virtual Calculator, to practice with, from Google Play (for the Android users). Similarly, the tool is available with the same or similar name for all the other digital platforms (iOS, Windows etc.) in their respective markets.

Mistakes in Using Test Series

  1. Be HONEST with practicing with your Test Series. Skipping practicing relevant problems will harm only you, ultimately.
  2. Try your best to finish your test within the official time-limit. You can take liberty with it, only if you are still new to the practice. And, if you are continuously failing to finish this condition, you must sincerely find the underlying causes, address them and prepare more robustly.
  3. Analyze your topics requiring more practice. For this, you can give an earlier address to the weaker portions of the test and compromise a little with the more-skilled problems, for the time being.

Mistakes Using Question Banks

Solve a sufficient number of all kinds of problems provided in your Question Bank. Here, it is extremely crucial to remind you that it is important to keep track of both the numbers and the kinds of problems. You must attempt every kind of problem, ranging from the easier ones to the moderate and the difficult ones.

Practice from the reservoir of questions occurred in the papers of previous years. This way, you will familiarize yourself with patterns and kinds of questions that have come in the exam, to date. A full knowledge always is a good thing to have! It will help you develop a perspective. This consequently will allude you to the kinds of problems you will really face in YOUR exam.

GATE being a competitive exam, you can’t afford to lose trying even the hardest of the problems (the remaining 10% of problems). But, trying irresolutely will prove only a waste of time. Hence, there is no escape from devoting yourself fully for these problems. Consequently, we would suggest you keep room for such problems too, in your job of preparing for the exam.

The Misconception of Understanding the Questions Fully

Students, particularly the newer entrants in the exam, perform this error more than their older counterparts. The reason for this can be attributed to their frail practice of assuming the problem the way “they want or are habitual to see,” and not the way, it “really is.” Reading problems and questions in a hurry, lack of enough time (as perceived by such students) and not being fully prepared to take the exam, are the factors fuelling this misconception.

And, the solution to this mess is only more and more practice, until you are proficient enough to clear the exam in one go!

So, What Are the Hard Boiled Facts?

  • Respect questions! We are just kidding but mean the same to some degree at the same time! This is just for turning your attitude for the questions, towards a bit of sincerity. After all, its GATE and not one of the exams at your school or college!
  • Similarly, pay utmost attention against performing silly mistakes (as those of the misconception, discussed above). These things can only be rooted out by the firm resolutions only. Hence, swear not to give them even a single chance!
  • Lastly, maintain the alertness for the negative marking in the exam, all through the time of taking it. The lesser you perform this task, the more you stand to gain. Sadly, this is quite easier said, than done!

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