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What to Add to Your College Application to Make It Stand Out?

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Your College Application — How to Make It Perfect

Today, getting enrolled in a college is more challenging than ever before. Admission board members carefully assess and evaluate submitted applications and select the most suitable candidates. What they want to see is something that is more than just an ordinary application letter. Colleges want to know more about the personality of each applicant, their extracurricular activities, etc. The more personal information you provide, the more chances of entering the college of your dream you have.

US colleges have their own admission standards and they require all applicants to comply with them. You can find useful information about specific requirements on a college’s website and contact its representatives directly. Most institutions of higher learning ask their applicants to fill in online forms because it is easier for them to review and process their documents that way. They also require them to provide detailed personal information, letters of recommendation, educational credentials with standardized test scores, motivation letter, and essay.

General Tips

Being precise is extremely important when filling out an online application or questionnaire. Before completing an application form, you should write down the answers to the questions on a separate sheet. If you provide an incomplete application form, you risk getting a refusal. Also, the college admissions office may not review your application unless you enclose letters of recommendation and documents about your current education level. If possible, create and keep a copy of the completed application form.

Correct all typos and possible errors before sending your application to the college. You’re advised to check everything several times and even have your family members proofread it for you. You may also use such online services as Custom Writers to get a perfect essay. Remember – it’s the smallest details that matter.

Personal Essay or Statement

Be prepared with a topic that you will need to decide, for your essay. Start working on it well in advance so you have enough time to complete it in a timely fashion. Make the necessary changes, and even change the topic if you feel it is irrelevant. It is essential to select a topic that lets your reader know as much as possible about your personality. For instance, you can describe a particular experience you had and tell them how it affected your worldview. Write about your interests, strengths, and future goals. Emphasize what you have already accomplished and what you hope to achieve after entering a college.

Try to create an exciting story about yourself which will let the admission board members understand the key aspects of your personality. Avoid overly direct and straightforward statements about yourself. Your personal attitude to this or that viewpoint should be included in the story, too. Create an impression that will get the admission committee members to make a positive decision.

Motivation Letter

This paper is an essential part of your application package. It helps the admission board members understand your reasons for applying to their educational institution. Your motivation letter should also demonstrate your academic competence and outstanding moral values.

You can clarify some points by persuasively expressing your thoughts. If you can do this on 3 pages, you really know what you want. You can write about the crucial decisions made by you and how it happened. For example, you can explain your choice of subjects and your career goals.

Members of admissions committees are very good at detecting insincere statements in applicant’s papers. Therefore, you should do your best explaining your true reasons for joining this or that college. Colleges look for proactive students who have leadership qualities and an active social position. High school students often participate in volunteer activities. Therefore, even if you did not participate in any, you should indicate in your motivation letter what you can do for the benefit of society.

Letters of Recommendation

Your letters of recommendation are the only documents in your application over which you hardly have any control. However, you can do something to have perfect references. For example, you can ask a teacher who knows you well enough to come up with a persuasive letter recommending you to the college of your choice. Do this in advance so the teacher has enough time to do it properly. Provide all the necessary information about your past achievements, future goals, and personal strengths.

Manage Your Online Presence

Almost every young person posted embarrassing images on social media made inappropriate comments and used blogging for fun. It might seem like an innocent form of entertainment, but admission board members may check your activity on the Internet to better understand who you are. So, your pages on social networks can work for or against you.

Log in to your social media accounts and delete all inappropriate posts, tweets, and images. You should also use your online presence to increase the effectiveness of your application. Once you do this, you can start using social media to draw other people’s attention to your interests, achievements, and extracurricular activities.

Add a Little Humor

Having a sense of humor means that you are an open-minded person. You can use it to tell the admissions board members that you deserve their attention more than other applicants. You never know how a person reading your application may feel at any given moment, so do not overdo it. And, of course, you have to refrain from making any offensive and derogatory statements.

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