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What’s New in Digital Marketing?

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know about the new developments in the field of digital marketing

Keeping up with all the trends in digital marketing is a never-ending, but very worthwhile endeavor. It helps you stay up to date with trends, get on top of new tech, and of course, it can give you an edge on your competition who don’t pay as close attention to emerging trends as you do. The secret here is not to update your digital marketing strategy to follow whatever trend is hot now, but rather to look at the statistics. For example, people are using voice search more than ever, and, therefore, optimizing your site for voice search can help you be at the top of those voice searches.

What’s New in Digital Marketing?

Knowing the top digital marketing trends is how you will stay successful, and the top trends now are:

Interactive Chatbots

There are a variety of places one can put these chatbots into play. It could be located directly on your website, through social media like Facebook Messenger, and so on. The reason why they are so beneficial is that it allows users to ask questions and receive prompt answers or service without needing to go through a long phone call. If they are out of the country, this could then save both of you a lot of money they would have wasted on an international call.

Challenges Facing Digital Marketers


Voice Search

As stated, voice searches are up. One expects them to have grown nearly 130% in 2018 alone. Moreover, they will only reasonably increase as more gadgets support the feature and personal assistants become smarter and more sophisticated. What’s more, voice search for local businesses brings plenty of new opportunities.

AI and Blockchain Tech

Stakeholders in businesses have used AI for a while now. But, combine it with blockchain technologies and security, and privacy concerns will become a thing of the past. Blockchain essentially is a very secure, encrypted ability to transfer information securely without the use of a third party member. It will reduce the risk of hacks and allow for smoother service all around.

Another example of how this will come into play is in marketing, where you can then reduce bots from interacting with your advertisements and instead enjoy organic users only.

Changes in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is changing, and for the better. Nowadays you will want to focus on small influencers who only have a few thousand users. They will be cheaper to hire overall but will have a greater rapport with their followers than the big stars that have a huge fake following.

What to Change for the Future

To update your digital marketing in the future you will need to:

Revamp Your E-Commerce Store

Your store needs to look the part and perform flawlessly. As such, it is wise to update your store today. Choose one of the top platforms, like Shopify or BigCommerce, and then hire professionals from to customize it and help it perform perfectly for future trends.

Three Keys to Digital Marketing Success

Integrate New Technologies

By staying on top of tech, you have the opportunity to integrate it into your business before your competition. Enjoy a boost in sales and visits as a result.

Focus on Niche Demographics Rather than the Numbers

There are billions of people online, and trying to advertise to all of them will be a huge waste. Focus on smaller demographic numbers and more intimate influencers to see a boost in sales, rather than site visits.

Keep up to date with digital marketing news, read reports, and try to strategise so that your company is at the forefront of innovation and customer service every day, and you will improve your chances of global success.

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