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When You Admit Your Child into A Daycare!

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As a parent, all you think of is the wellbeing of your child. You want to look for a great place that you are sure your child will be taken care of. There are varieties of daycares, and if you live in Marlborough, you can look for Marlborough daycare centers that offer great services. You may want high quality, affordable and one that is a stone throw from home. And, you would want to know about the precautions when you admit your child into daycare.

You may have all that you want clear in your head. Until you start searching Marlborough daycare centers, you will be surprised with the options that will come from it. You will find hundreds of them, and this may confuse you. It is important so that you start searching for one before your time to go back to work reaches. Here are some of the signs that you can look out for when looking for a great daycare; –


Great Reviews

It is important to you as a parent to look at the reviews. They will tell you all that you want to know about a specific daycare center. People always write well if they are satisfied and they will also say if they are dissatisfied with the services. For more clear review, you can ask the owners of the daycare a question. You can ask them to provide you with the number and names of the parents who have their children there. This is so that you can hear from them if the daycare is good enough. For online reviews, you can see how many parents are writing. This will also show you if it is going to be a good place for your child.

Good Environment

The environment of the place that your child will be spending most of the time it should be great. Immediately you walk in, you will have all your answers regarding the place. Does the place look fun, clean, vibrant, welcoming, and homely? the age of your child should be considered as if the child is crawling, is there enough space? And if the child is some months old, is there a safe and clean place for them to sleep? Look at the children, and if they seem happy and have enough activities to do. Your gut feeling will not wrong you. If you feel satisfied with a daycare center, chances are it will be a great place for your child.

Interesting Varied Curriculum and Schedule

This will depend on you, as you may have ideas of what you want your child to be involved in. You may want a place that is more educational or one that is more outdoor. What children learn at this stage is very important as it will contribute a lot to their development. Unless TV and games are part of the curriculum, they should be minimal. This is as they do not contribute a lot to the child. It is also important to have a good home-school relationship. It is because of the reason that both you and the teacher can support the child.

Qualified Caregivers

It is important to enroll your child to a daycare that has quality caregivers. These are the people that will be spending the most time with your child. Hence, they need to be very good at what they do. Make sure that they have certifications, this will show that they have received some training. You should also visit the daycare and observe as you will learn something from that. You will see how they interact with children. This will help you know if they are going to be good for your child.


This is the most important thing to look at. The safety of the children should be the number one priority of all daycare centers. This should include food safety, childproofing, well-kept play space and safe toys. A safe place should have: –

  • Windows out of reach of cribs of children.
  • All outlets have covers.
  • Toys in good and clean condition.
  • Blockage of stairs.
  • Removing of any small objects as they could choke the children.
  • You must ensure that the place is free from any toxic objects or are at out of reach of children, at least.

Low Employee Turnover and Good Ratio

The caregivers should be in the right ratio. There should not be many children and fewer caregivers. Some of the children may be neglected. At least there should be one caregiver for every five or four children. You must ensure that the children are taken care of. The turnover of the employee should also be low. This is as children do not like having different people taking care of them every time. This, in turn, is because they take time to know and trust a person. Consequently, this may interfere with their development as the caregiver will come with different teaching methods. Moreover, this may even confuse them.

Established and Consistent Rules

When a place has established and consistent rules, you will be sure that it is a place that is well organized and be great for your child. Good daycare centers have established well written down policies that are operational. A place that has clear guidelines of how a child should be handled when sick. It also must have the rules that even parents should follow. Moreover, for the caregivers, it should cover the consequences that they should follow.


Every state has its own requirements for the daycare centers. You should make sure that the daycare you choose to take your child to is licensed. You should tell them to show you their accreditation, and if you are satisfied with it, you can enroll your child.


Whichever daycare center you choose to take your child, you may not lack some downside, but you should make sure it has a combination of everything that you want. This is the place that your child will be spending most of their time even more than home. That is why you have to make sure that everything is up to your standards. Consult with family and friends who have taken their children to the daycares. They may have a good place for you.

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