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Where can I find free online mock tests for GMAT?

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For the aspiring GMAT takers, here is the non-exhaustive and free attemptable list of free online mock tests for GMAT!

  1. Official GMAT – Download Free GMATPrep® Software
  2. Kaplan – Free GMAT Practice Test & Review
  3. EduGorilla – Free GMAT Practice Test
  4. Princeton – GMAT Free Practice Tests and Events
  5. Economist – free practice exam
  6. Learnhub – Free Online Practice Tests
  7. Magoosh – Full-length GMAT Practice Tests
  8. Manhattan – GMAT Practice Test & Free Score Analysis | Manhattan Prep
  9. Edvento – Free GMAT Practice Test
  10. Experts’ Global – Free GMAT Practice Test
  11. ExamPAL – Free GMAT Practice Test
  12. GMAT FREE –  Free GMAT Practice Test
  13. Prep4GMAT – Free GMAT Practice Test
  14. GMATPrep – Free GMAT Practice Test
  15. Khan Academy – Free GMAT Practice Test
  16. E-Gmat – Free GMAT Practice Test
  17. The Princeton Review – Free GMAT Practice Test

Of these portals, I would like to emphasize more on the very first one- Official GMAT and EduGorilla.

Some guidelines for using the free mock test providers

Don’t take tests too close to each other

Do you take a blood test followed soon by another and followed by yet another? No! That would not give a true account of your health! This is as all those tests are taken over a short period of time. There won’t be any difference in the RBC count of your blood between a day or two, for example. Your body needs sufficient gap of days in between two tests to produce any substantial difference between them.

Same is the story that goes with your GMAT tests. Taking them one by one without sufficient long gap will result in all the test-outcomes declaring the same conclusion. Hence, you can’t be a witness to a growth or a fall in the progress of your preparation. The result that you witness on the first day will be almost the same 2 or 3 days later. Hence, keep a gap long enough to produce meaningful outcome!

Take the full test at one go but only a little later

It is advisable to take the tests taking a break in the Integrated Reasoning (IR) and Analytical Writing (AWA) sections, initially. Later, as you improve and feel the resurgence of confidence, you must take them back to back. Moreover, match the timing of taking of your mock tests with that of your real GMAT test. By the way, we suggest you take two breaks of 8-minute duration, at the most, in such a test. Finish taking the test in one go, that is to say.

Take the test in a neutral environment

So that the disturbances like your family members interfering with your study too often, your pets jumping upon you to play and friends giving unexpected visits to you occur as least as possible, you need to have a place of quiet and solace. It is an extremely essential condition if you want a nearly complete and quite resembling experience of the actual GMAT, through these mock tests.

Suggestions when beginning the test

Be completely relaxed. This is only a simulation and not the real implemented scenario. Sit to take the exam with a positive perspective. Before moving to the section below, we must suggest you keep a section of the exam for the questions and problems that you may want to attempt after you finish taking the exam, but well before the time expires. Questions of the kind of having a greater level of difficulty, taking too much of time or wrongly attempted, may be addressed for a second time, in this duration. This exercise would ensure that you don’t miss any of the questions of the whole exam and would also give you the peace of mind for giving as sincere a try on your part, as would have been possible.

Suggestions Post-taking the test

Having taken the test, it’s now time to review the questions discussed in the above section. Also try to focus more on these questions, this time. A second try at attempting these may result in more successful outcomes.

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By Abhay Pant

Writing is one of my crafts that I love to indulge in. Like to write on myriad of topics - politics, travelling, food, e...more

Writing is one of my crafts that I love to indulge in. Like to write on myriad of topics - politics, travelling, food, economy, culture. Education also being close to me, I therefore have chosen EduGorilla to exhibit this skill through it. Would love to hear back from you. less

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