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Which Are the Best Startup Companies in Lucknow?

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A couple of years ago, who would have imagined that cities of India, other than those of the metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. would reverberate with the clamor related to the activities of modern tech-savvy startups? Because of the change in the perspective brought by innovation-encouraging efforts of the Government (particularly, the Central), and the increasing belief of today’s youth in himself, Lucknow, like many other Tier II cities of the nation, is abuzz with the newly founded startups. The City of Nawabs is well on its way to being the City of Entrepreneurs. This gets proved by a list of some startup companies in Lucknow, taking hold recently.


With its modest beginning in 2016, the EdTech portal has come a long way in quite a very short time. The online one-stop solution for all educational needs of students, EduGorilla is among top 2500 portals of the nation. Also, the portal ranks among the top 10 educational portals of India. The online community of EduGorilla provides almost every kind of educational assistance to the students. Ranging from the different kinds of study material (the digital forms of textual and visual material) to providing solutions for career-related queries to providing competent question bank of questions and problems via its test series to being synonymous for a viable solution for the search of students for competent coaching, schools or colleges, EduGorilla really is one of the most popular startups of Lucknow.

Offering the upgraded details on exams of state, national and international repute we have listed some achievements of EduGorilla thus:

  • A directory listing of more than 57,000 coaching centers of almost all the cities of the nation. You can search for appropriate coaching of your city for getting assistance in preparing for the competitive exams, via these.
  • A directory listing of more than 840 schools. Consequently, you can search and select an appropriate school of your city for yourself, via these.
  • A repository of the largest collection of study material that hosts more than 70,000 textual files related to students’ studies.
  • A housing of more than 2,000,000 questions in more than 10,000 tests for over 320 exams. This will greatly facilitate your preparation for the competitive exam(s) of your choice.

Some Additional Accomplishments

  • A forum for all the participants in the sphere of education, for discussing matters related to education. It’s quite a relevant tool for them to initiate a discussion on topics. These topics are like searching for a study program in an educational institute. Or, it may be looking for a competent college in your city etc. It also provides a platform for initiating a discussion on, let’s say, a debatable rule of a competitive exam.
  • A pool of nearly 30,250 articles prepared by curating content from several thousands of websites. These articles touch various aspects of all the major study programs, competitive exams, coachings etc.
  • A repertoire of the third party video courses numbering more than 20.
  • Gain knowledge of and analyze the best career options for yourself via a large collection of over 200 avenues.


A herculean effort by Neelabh Srivastav, NotNul adapts various offline magazines, study materials, books into the digitalized E-book formats. NotNul does similar to novels, pieces of literature etc. The ultimate goal of the enterprise, therefore, is to provide Indian literature to all and sundry. Do consider visiting the portal if you think you are the one belonging to the readers’/thinkers’/writers’ community.


InMotion nurtures the primary aim of providing financial security to the daily wagers, particularly the auto-rickshaw wallahs of Lucknow. Thus, InMotion seeks to upgrade the standards of millions of these lives and end the vicious cycle of their hand-to-mouth existence. The substrates in the forms of services provided by InMotion include arranging the simplest apparatuses for their financial savings. The FinTech also entertains the provision of pensions, insurance, and their education through the literacy campaign.

To achieve these pious goals, InMotion has adeptly merged finance, education, healthcare and technology to serve the daily wagers. These people are at the receiving ends of destiny, quite often. The company conducts these jobs with the help of its Bachat Mitra kiosks in Delhi, currently. This mission serves more than 5000 autorickshaw drivers in the city. The firm hopes to begin its Bachat Mitra kiosks in Lucknow, the city of its origin, soon.


An EdTech and online platform, CareerGuide provides solutions for all career related queries of individuals. Housing experts from nearly every field, CareerGuide intends to entertain every student who wants to refine his/her career prospects.

An Artificial Intelligence powered algorithmic tool also assists CareerGuide for this aim of its scheme. Moreover, the portal also habitats psychometric filters to catch the interests, aptitudes, levels of motivation and ultimately, the personalities of the individuals inquisitive about knowing the future prospects of the career paths they select.

Nayi Disha

Educational computer games builders primarily for the preschool children, people behind Nayi Disha, the graduates from Stanford and BITS-Pilani, aim to make learning more fun and engaging. The game formulators use motion-sensing technology and a backup of Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences for this.

A number of renowned pre-schools and schools of the cities like Pune, Bangalore Delhi Mumbai Hyderabad etc. proudly exhibit the computer games of the enterprise. Moreover, these games are also available for the android users. Hence, the tiny tots can relish learning. Thus, they can find encouragement to include this toy of education in their adorable, playful and fun-filled activities.

From people taking care of your educational concerns to those of your career to the moments of your literary wants, this article covers all. Hope, this article throws light on the hidden talent pool of Lucknow for you to enlighten yourselves. Please press the like/upvote button to boost our level of confidence to produce more such articles for you!

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By Abhay Pant

Writing is one of my crafts that I love to indulge in. Like to write on myriad of topics - politics, travelling, food, e...more

Writing is one of my crafts that I love to indulge in. Like to write on myriad of topics - politics, travelling, food, economy, culture. Education also being close to me, I therefore have chosen EduGorilla to exhibit this skill through it. Would love to hear back from you. less

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