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Why do an international volunteer?

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As a university or professional student, you may have considered doing international volunteering and have wondered how it can benefit you and how it can be done. Many will wonder why changing a comfortable holiday with lots of partying, fun and relaxation by going to work in another country, keeping a schedule, getting up early, taking responsibility, without thinking about comfort and fun as well as helping others.

From the outset we can tell you, that from our own experience or from the experience of the community of volunteers with whom we have shared, the reward is so great that it is well worth forgetting the traditional idea of “vacation to have fun, have a great time with your friends ” International volunteering is an increasingly important and necessary experience that can bring you great benefits both professionally and personally. We give you 6 reasons to consider becoming an international volunteer:

# 1 You get a unique and unforgettable experience of learning and personal growth.

Volunteers go to countries not only to enjoy the culture to learn and teach, they will live an experience that marks a before and after. Experiences are a unique learning tool that you can only acquire in practice. Leaving aside the comfort of your country, your culture and your customs helps you out of your comfort zone. Facing different environments and adapting to new standards strengthens the personality and becomes a growth engine.

Volunteers teaching language classes at the local school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

# 2 It brings a lot to your professional experience as a voluntariado internacional.

Regardless of your training, there will always be a volunteer program for you, that you are passionate about and that allows you to expand your professional experience. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to apply “on the ground” what you have learned and will allow you to develop very important qualities highly demanded in any job. For example, if you are a biologist, the turtle preservation program of Puerto López in Ecuador can be a fascinating and highly rewarding adventure at the curriculum level.

If you study social careers teaching or caring for and supporting children in hospitals, it will be a fundamental experience to know beyond theory what is required for it. If you are a lover of children, in educational programs you can put into practice what you like best; Teach others If you are passionate about ecology and you are motivated by the search for alternative consumption models, a program like that of Tolas Ecuador can be very instructive and highly motivating.

Holding the turtle for more than 5 minutes has been difficult, but necessary to take action and then return it to the sea. Puerto Lopez Ecuador.

# 3 Strengthen your network of friends and contacts internationally.

When you volunteer in another country, you share a room and work with people coming from other parts of the world, who come for the same as you. They are a person who have in common a sense of solidarity and a high motivation for teamwork. In short, you will make contacts of great value both personally and professionally. You will strengthen your network of international contacts, fundamental in a globalized and highly competitive world.

Pablo, a member of INTVS in Mendoza, Argentina along with other volunteers.

# 4 Encourage imagination, entrepreneurship and ingenuity to solve problems.

An international volunteer is a person with the capacity to adapt to diverse sociocultural environments, someone with empathy who seeks to understand and establish bridges of dialogue in sometimes complicated environments. Is someone capable of understanding and living in first person situations of inequality and poverty and looking for solutions to these problems. An international volunteer is a potential social entrepreneur who will acquire a unique experience to provide solutions to various social problems.

Alternative education program in Cusco. Theater, dance, yoga is taught and an approach between students and teachers is promoted.

# 5 You know other cultures, customs, local history and traditions.

What gives you a broader view of reality, of social diversity. When you volunteer you also have moments of rest, fun and cultural learning, this is invaluable.

From tasting typical dishes to knowing unique landscapes. The international volunteer experience is unique.

# 6 You contribute your grain of sand to social change.

You go to a place to help others, to collaborate, to encourage the improvement of conditions

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