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Why Graduate School Degrees Are In High Demand

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In today’s world, the competition in the business environment is so cut-throat that earning a bachelor’s degree is no longer enough. Employees need to find a competitive edge to sustain their profession while needing to set themselves apart from the others.

Obtaining a graduate school degree seems to be the key. As proof, the data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that about 18% of all jobs in the market will require a graduate school degree by 2022.

Employees who want to get into graduate school should, however, do well on the GRE or the Graduate Record Examination. The Graduate Record Examination is a standardized examination that is an integral component of admission for the graduate/graduate business programs.

However, the applicants should prep for the exam well in order to successfully pass the GRE. Doing so will show that the applicant is serious about his intent to obtain a master’s degree.

Common Reasons Why Graduate School Degrees are in High Demand

Before deciding to pursue a higher level of education, you have to know the reasons and benefits of why you should do so. Here are the more common reasons why graduate school degrees are in high demand:

It Helps Develop Specialization.

Pursuing a graduate school degree will show your competitive spirit in today’s evolving workforce and commitment to expanding your business acumen in your chosen area of specialization. You will be able to expand your knowledge level, learn new skills, and develop expertise.

If you specialize in specific fields such as labor laws and practices for an HR practitioner, or intellectual property law for a lawyer, you will get an opportunity to be able to distinguish yourself from others. A master’s degree should be a “bridge” that will lead you to your desired career or specialization.

It Boosts Career Expertise.

A master’s degree will enable you to reach senior positions in leadership and management. It serves as evidence that you have gained specialized knowledge which sets you apart from your competitors. It also proves your expertise, credibility, and reliability to your role.


It Increases Your Earning Potential.

Employees who have master’s degrees earn more than the average employee with a bachelor’s degree. The master’s degree gives you added credentials which oftentimes, most companies pay additional premiums for.

In addition, the number of premiums given will even depend on the nature of the occupation such as education, business, healthcare, etc. The data on average median monthly earnings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees who have bachelor’s degrees earn about USD 4,792. The employees with a high school diploma get USD 2,920 while master’s degree holders are paid USD 5,700.

It Advances Your Level of Education.

The graduate school degree teaches you to improve your skills and knowledge specifically in these fields:

Problem identification

Data gathering, research, and analysis



Technical know-how

Conducting presentations

Communications in both speaking and writing

The skills you learn in graduate studies will always be a part of you, which will increase your value and advantage in your company.

It Enables You to Obtain Community Recognition.

A company can take pride in having a number of its employees having master’s degrees because having them increases its competitive advantage of having “the best workforce”. In addition, providing employees opportunities to take master’s degrees can increase the company’s chances to hire and retain good employees.

Hence, having a master’s degree will give you a better advance of receiving community recognition.

It Facilitates Career Change.

The pursuit of graduate education is not limited to any age bracket or level of professional experience. People may decide to make the bold decision to change careers and they actually can do it.

Engineers may decide to move on from doing technical work to engaging in the business-related and managerial side of operations. Graduate education can effectively help them make the change easily.

It Pursues a Career in Research.

Students or employees who see themselves as the proponent who will help improve human life may take an interest in graduate school studies specializing in research. Research enhances all facets of recorded knowledge covering areas such as culture, literature, history, medicine, engineering, technology, psychology, religion, society, etc.. It also provides solutions to common problems, thus improving human life.

It Expands Your Professional Network.

Studying a master’s degree will allow you to find goal-minded and driven persons who can influence you to become a better thinker and worker. It affords you opportunities to build a channel with industry experts who can be valuable sources of information when you need it.

It Opens Opportunities for Self-Development.

Taking graduate studies will provide opportunities to do group studies and conduct presentations. Doing so will allow you to adjust and harmonize with the different personalities in the group in order to obtain the best results. In addition, conducting presentations will help you enhance your presentation and communication skills.

Going into graduate studies will expose you to various challenges that will stretch your limits, give you opportunities to meet and interact with all types of people. It also forces you to learn stimulating ideas and concepts. Braving all the challenges will form you into a better and more mature person.

A research study conducted by Florida, Moretti, and Glaeser reveals that pursuing graduate education leads to greater citizen participation, social well-being, longer life span, good health, and regional economic prosperity.


There are many benefits and rewards that can be derived from earning a master’s degree. Improving your confidence, knowledge, and skills is the best reward you get in pursuing graduate education. Indeed, this endeavor will come with various rigors and challenges but the rewards can be worth it.  



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