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Why Influencer Marketing Should Be An Essential Resource for You

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As a director of your own company or member of the marketing team of such, it is very likely that you ask yourself the same question every day: How to reach your target audience with meaningful content at a time when consumers don’t trust/can’t stand digital advertising?

And, although it can definitely continue to work by itself, advertising alone is not enough to reach your audience and make them act. You and your team need to build trust and establish the company as one of the best options in its niche.

The Focus on  Influencer Marketing

It’s no secret that Influencer Marketing is a practice accepted and popular in the whole world; it doesn’t matter if you run a fintech or are currently bringing a novel product to the market. As I mentioned in an article published by the marketing & PR agency GoodNoon in one of their article blog, Influencer Marketing is a resource that cannot be ignored.

Whether you increase the brand’s notoriety, attract traffic to the website or to improve sales through ‘product placement,’ you can achieve countless objectives when working with opinion leaders. And, seeing the development of events, influencers will continue to grow their relevance in the upcoming years, especially in terms of how we interact with our audiences.

The days of ‘disruptive marketing’ through ads that interrupt us are over. People want to learn from people they trust, not from companies. But, how to integrate this technique into your own strategy?

1. Objectives and Metrics

As with any marketing strategy, the best place to start is with your goals. That is, ask yourself what exactly you want to achieve with your influencer marketing campaign.

Take the time to consider your general business objectives to reach a goal that helps you support those purposes; this will help you build your current campaign, for example, if your goal was to establish trust as well as increase your reputation, then you wouldn’t create exclusive offer codes for the influential people you work with.

Instead, try a different approach, such as establishing close and lasting relationships with the primary influencers and then give them the freedom to create a campaign for themselves. On the other hand, if you wanted to increase sales, you would have to create exclusive offers for your campaigns with influential people. One of the aids to setting goals is SMART, the goal setting template which means that your goal should be:

  • Specific, in other words, you need to be meticulous.

  • Measurable, if you can’t measure the success of your goal, why try it in the first place?

  • Achievable, can you actually achieve that goal?

  • Relevant, how does this goal help your business?

  • Time limit, what’s the deadline for your goal?

As you can see, one of the essential elements of a good goal is whether it is measurable; this stage, you must list precisely how you are going to measure these objectives; In other words, what are your KPIs ?.

2. Find The Right Influencers

Once you know what you want to achieve, the next step is to find the right people with social influence to help you achieve it. There are numerous types of influential people in society according to the way they are classified, ranging from audience size, celebrities, among others.

Each type of influencer has its own benefits and drawbacks; But in general, it’s not about how many followers they have, how famous the influencer is or anything similar. The most important thing is to understand how committed their audience is and how powerful the influence is. So, when choosing influencers to work with, make sure you check: What topics are they on? Is it relevant to your target audience?

You can verify such data with a tool such as Buzzsumo. This content research/influencer marketing resource allows you to look for influencers and see what links they have shared in the past. That gives you a better idea of the content they like, the topics that interest them and the interests of their audience:

To help you find influential people, you can also use other tools.

Social Bond: It’s a tool that helps the entire campaign, from finding people of influence to collaborating with them and measuring success. You can search for influential people based on their followers and demographics (location, language, age group, gender, niche) and you can even check what other brands have worked with them before.

Upfluence:  A software with three main tools: influencer search, campaign manager and influencer marketing analysis; You can use it to find the most influential people in your niche with all kinds of filters such as geolocation, how active they are and the participation metrics they get on social networks.

3. Connect With The Influencers And Create The Right Campaign

Once you find the people you want to work with, there are several ways to connect with them: Communicate directly by email to ask them if they are interested in collaborating, follow them online and build a relationship slowly with them in their digital channels.

That being said, what happens once you connect with influential people? How do you build a campaign that gets results? That’s where you need to get back to your goals: what do you want to achieve with your influence marketing campaign?

For example:

  • More brand awareness makes influencers review your product on their channels, create contests and gifts and host them on the influencer page

  • More sales create exclusive discount codes as well as special offers to promote on social networks or through an affiliate marketing program.

  • Improving trust and reputation turn influencers into brand ambassadors, send gifts of your products or services to the right people.

It’s always best to discuss this with the influencers you’ve chosen. They know their audience better so they can create the kind of campaigns they know will have an impact and take action.

That does not mean that you shouldn’t have any input at all; instead, tell them what you want to achieve and then collaborate with them regarding the campaigns that will help you achieve those goals. And most importantly, they have their creative freedom; After all, there is a reason why you came to them, and there is a reason why they are influential.

But, what happens if you do not have specialized in-house equipment to handle the influencer marketing strategy?

4. Collaborate With Those Who Have Experience

Forbes explains that hiring experts to contact you for Micro Influencers and celebrity influencers can increase the ROI of a campaign and reduce marketing expenses in general.

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