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Why Institutes Should Use Cross Browsing Testing Platform to Simplify the Courses!

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Institutes across the globe are going through very rapid technology advancements. And due to this, they have to pace up their web applications by embracing new products of technology. Some of these products are like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and cross browsing, to name a few.

Because today people prefer learning courses online through web applications. You must have heard about various online learning platforms such as Udemy, Edx, Unacademy, and many more.

Now people using these learning platforms use different various kinds of mobile devices and web browsers.

So the institutes have to make sure that they deliver the same result to every user. Irrespective of what operating system, mobile device, and web browser they use.

How to check the compatibility of web application on various web browsers?

The solution is Cross Browser Testing using the best cross-browser testing tool. Yes, using cross-browser testing you can check the compatibility of your web application across various web browsers.

Now, you can do this manually. But the problem is there are more than 2000+ web browsers at present. So you will have to check the compatibility of the web application on all of these browsers.

But it will be a time-consuming process. And the efficiency of the manual cross-browser testing will be low as well.

Instead, you should look forward to using some kind of cross-browser tools. Now, these tools will help you to speed up the cross-browser testing and will also increase the efficiency of it.

There are various cross-browser testing tools available in the market. But LambdaTest is the best cross-browser testing tool.

Why Institutes Should Use LambdaTest Tool?

LambdaTest Tool is the best cross-browser testing tool. Because of its rich features and great efficiency. There are many more reasons why institutes should use LambdaTest tool. Let us look at them.

  • LambdaTest allows you to choose from two types of Cross Browser Testing. One is Selenium Automation Cross Browser Testing and Live Interactive Cross Browser Testing.

  • This tool helps you to do automation selenium testing. Which helps to do cross-browser testing on more than 2000+ browsers.

  • And that is nearly impossible to do if someone will try to do it manually.

  • LambdaTest also helps to analyze and debug the test cases during the cross-browser testing. Which is really helpful.

  • In live interactive cross-browser testing, you can choose devices and browsers on which you want to specifically test your web application.

  • For example, you can choose the mobile device, operating system, and web browser on which you want to test the compatibility of your web application.

  • One of the biggest advantages of using LambdaTest is that it does an automatic video recording of the complete cross-browser testing.

  • It also allows you to take screenshots during the cross-browser testing.


Institutes need to test their web application on various browsers, operating system, and mobile devices. this is necessary so that people using online learning platforms get a consistent result and user experience.

But it becomes very difficult to do these kinds of testing manually. So instead institutes should use cross browser testing tools to carry out a compatibility test of the web application on various web browsers.

And to this task, LambdaTest tool is the best choice.

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