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Why Is Sitecore Skyrocketing to The Pinnacle of Popularity and Success?

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Every business with a digital front requires a reliable platform for content management and data management. Hence, Sitecore brings these abilities on the table for almost all the 32,000 websites it powers across the world. Moreover, it has been the CMS for several key players in the world of finances, sports, and e-commerce. It is also the same for digital technology services, and several other customer-oriented businesses. Names like American Express, Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, Nestle, Carnival Cruise, Heineken, Microsoft, and Toshiba pop up when someone wants to explore the long list of satisfied clients Sitecore powers right now.

Presently, Sitecore leverages ASP.NET to power an enterprise level CMS. It hands over complete control to the users that include social media integration to advanced personalization of customer journeys of their e-commerce platforms. Moreover, ever since its genesis, Sitecore has used the .NET platform. Consequently, it has become one of the leading CMS platforms in the USA and the Western European regions. All marketers and business owners in these countries have finally found an answer to their personalization problems. Lastly, it has opened the doors for the new big data management and AI integration into mainstream e-commerce technologies.

What are the unique traits of Sitecore that makes it popular among developers and marketers?

Apart from these features, Sitecore is a powerful instrument that can analyze the behavior of the customers, design highly personalized journeys for them and optimize the digital experience for each user. Furthermore, it has multiple integrated features that contribute to an increase in the organic traffic of a site.

  • Firstly, an insight into the conversion of incoming traffic.
  • Secondly, the targeting of content based on user preferences and behavior.
  • Thirdly, the smooth integration with the third-party tools.
  • Then, the enhanced search engine optimization options for websites.
  • User-friendly interface for all device users.
  • Efficient scale-up and scale-out options for all business types.
  • The flexibility of content type for various devices.
  • Then the Social media integration for easy content sharing and data analysis.
  • Finally, an all amicable A/B testing for new website content.

Among all .NET based CMS platforms including SharePoint, and Umbraco, Sitecore is presently leading the market with its evolved easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface.

Thus, the Sitecore Experience Platform is the ultimate experience for an entrepreneur. Hence, it offers a melange of capabilities ranging from web content management to experience database (xDB). The platform is a unified channel that also acts as a library for valuable customer interaction data. Moreover, it involves a learning curve that demands the help from experts and Sitecore partners. Hence, Getfishtank Sitecore Partner is one of the registered partners you can check out for help with the new Sitecore features.

How has Sitecore helped marketers with ready-to-use developed modules? 

Moreover, you can view the brief list of features that the new Sitecore version brings for its users. Also, you need to check out the developer-friendly constituents of the CMS. These new integrations allow the developers to create several user-friendly components or modules for all users.

Hence, if you are a developer, here are the different techniques you can leverage. You can do this to make the Sitecore experience pleasant for your users –

Divide the pages into components

First, you need to divide your pages into multiple components according to their priorities and purposes. The “out of the box” marketing capabilities of the Sitecore platform need re-organization. Developers can easily do with a little help from the Sitecore Partner they are working with. Then, once you divide the pages into components, you can help the marketers use the out-of-the-box modules. Moreover, this doesn’t require any further fine-tuning by another developer.

Establish a connection between the components and their data sources

Your page components should always leverage the data sources that your CMS is using. Moreover, you do not connect the components to the data sources. The user will have to invest additional developer work to change or update the sources. Consequently, it will keep the sources of data flexible and adjustable for these page components.

Introduce marketing modules through Sitecore components

Marketers can create goals, conduct multivariate testing and enable all kinds of personalization options. The creation of goals is imperative for any marketing campaign. Moreover, the added customization options allow the marketers to adjust their strategies according to the consumer response quickly. Hence, leveraging the data sources always helps in keeping the marketing strategies up-to-date according to the real-time data feedback.

How can you update your old Sitecore CMS version?

If you are worried that your Sitecore version is outdated, you can upgrade it easily to Sitecore 9. For the purpose of this, you can use the Sitecore Migration Tool 3.1. It eliminates the necessity to upgrade step-by-step. The user can directly jump from an older version like Sitecore 6.6 or Sitecore 7.2 to the latest version they desire. Even when you are migrating DMS data to the new xDB platform, you will need to use similar conversion tool. You should be able to get the complete guidance from an authentic Sitecore Partner. Check out getfishtank Sitecore Partner for more information on the use of the Sitecore Express Migration Tool.

What does the new Sitecore version bring to the world of tech and commerce?

The Sitecore 9.0 version brings a re-centralized architecture on the xConnect layer. It allows a straight and abstracted access to the experience database (xDB). It comes with the brand-new machine learning module – Cortex that can help any e-commerce site take a step towards complete automation. The version can also usher in Artificial Intelligence within your scope of business. Besides the significant overhauls including the new user interface that has become highly intuitive and easy to navigate, you can spot refreshed forms and new automation. The Sitecore 9.0 comes with seamless integration with data asset management modules that bridge the rift between content management, content updating, and data management. It has become incredibly easy for all Sitecore users to create personalized content for individual users based on their feedback data.

Sitecore is the CMS solution of the future. It aims at uniting the multiple channels that take care of content, and data. It comes with complete Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) support in Azure. Sitecore is here to change the way online websites and businesses interact with the consumers and vice versa.

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