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Why Learning Latin Can Prepare You To Learn Other Languages

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Latin may not be one of those languages you can use on a daily basis, especially in this day and age, but learning it can actually provide you with various advantages. For one, studying Latin can somehow help you see the world from a brand-new perspective. It will also make you realize that there’s something else out there that is as beautiful and as rich in history as your native language and the other languages you know about.

Moreover, learning Latin can provide you with a greater understanding of medicine, law, music, science, theology, literature, history, and the arts as these employ various Latin words. Also, by doing such, you can easily learn the likes of Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Romanian as these languages have evolved from Latin.

In this article, you will learn why learning Latin can prepare you to learn other languages.

Latin Grammar Can Help You Understand Grammatical Rules In General

Learning Latin grammar will help you become more aware of grammar rules in general. Latin is a systematic language and it needs to be precise. As you learn it, your mind will pay closer attention to details. You will have to check all the grammar rules of sentences or “syntax” to understand everything. Consequently, you can apply it to other languages.

Indeed, a grammar-based approach is an important key to learning a new language. Without grammar, a language would just be a jumble of words that is difficult to understand.

For example, English grammar has been modeled on Latin grammar. Half of the concepts of grammatical structure and vocabulary of the English language are from the Latin language. Americans use various Latin phrases without knowing it. For example, law and medicine are filled with different Latin words. Some of these are per se, versus, et cetera, caveat emptor, and others. English grammar rules are based on Latin, and some have not changed for centuries.

Learning Latin online can then give you the opportunity to further understand grammatical rules that can help you learn other languages. With e-learning, you can manage your time better and be more productive in learning Latin.

The Latin Script And Alphabet Are The Basis Of Many Writing Systems

The Latin alphabet is the basis of various writing systems all around the world. It is from the Etruscan alphabet, which was used by the Greeks and is influenced by the Phoenician alphabet.

Since this is the writing system used by Ancient Rome, it has become the basis of Romance and even Germanic language writing systems. You can also find the Latin alphabet in some Slavic and Baltic states.

Furthermore, as colonialism spread European culture, Latin script influenced the writing system of African, American, and Australian languages. With its strong reach, the Latin alphabet was being used as a standard alphabet for other languages all around the world.

Latin’s far-reaching influence in other languages can then serve as a foundation for learning those languages. Aside from helping with grammar and syntax, learning Latin can also make it easier for you to learn about a particular language’s writing system.

Latin Can Help You Compare Languages

Did you know that you can understand English better by studying Latin than by studying English itself? For some students, studying English grammar seems boring and pointless, and that is not their fault. It can be very difficult to stay interested in analyzing a language that you use intuitively.

But learning Latin will give you the ability to compare languages or analyze how ideas are conveyed. By using your native language, it is hard to think about the words and its meaning. But when you learn two languages, you can think of how the words are expressed in your native language.

Latin Can Allow You To Have A Better Grasp Of The Romance Languages 

Latin’s influence on other languages cannot be underestimated, specifically Romance languages. For some, Latin grammar can be complicated but it also forces learners to better understand the grammar of their own languages. This can also give you a better grasp of sentence and writing structure.

Among all the Romance languages, Italian is the easiest language to learn. The Italian language is based on Latin—think of Italian as its modernized form. Through this, you can later on learn the other Romance languages, which bears influences of Latin. This will give you a complex web of vocabulary that can be beneficial in both your personal and professional endeavors.


In a nutshell, Latin has been used as the medium of communication of people since early civilization. It has played an important role in shaping minds and society. Learning Latin can help people develop critical thinking, which is useful in learning another language.

Indeed, Latin is a great language to study because it has already reached its full form. Unlike other languages, it will no longer evolve. Thus, it will provide a stable base to learn from. You don’t have to keep up with the latest updates because it will always remain consistent.

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