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Why Millions Flock Towards Freelancing?

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Get free by freelancing!

Flexibility and Freedom! Two things that everyone bids adieu as they enter into the world of work. This is changing today as millions are choosing to freelance as a career.  People no more consider Freelancing as a supplement to the traditional 9-5 job. Recent reports suggest that 45 percent of the million people place more value on flexibility than a good pay when it comes to freelancing. This further explains why freelancers are in such a high demand within corporations who hire them for contractual roles.

Why Traditional Jobs Are Losing Their Sheen

Let us now discuss why this freelancing trend is so prevalent among today’s urban youth

Monotony: In the past, most people thought of a 9–5 job as quite remunerative. And, it was a dream for many! However, Indian youth of today are exhibiting a lesser preference for such type of work. They still considered it as a stable and secure possibility. But, there is a widespread view that such jobs tend to become quite monotonous over time. In contrast, freelancing offers people a wide variety of prospects according to their tastes and preferences. ‌

Why traditional jobs are loosing ground?

Long commute and closed work environment: Millions of people like to be on the go. And, anything that hinders their free lifestyle, be it professional or personal, leads to frustration and disinterest in them. As a result, they don’t consider traveling long hours to work in a closed environment, productive.

Increasing preference among corporates to hire freelancers: Today, several corporates have begun to assign tasks, both heavy and light, to freelancers who do it on a commission basis. One of the main reasons for this increasing preference is due to the prevalence of internet users and the advancement in applications. Since freelancing doesn’t come with much job constraints like a traditional job, most people employ their creative freedom. Also, freelancers commit themselves better to their projects at hand. This means that they perform to their full potential and this factor influences corporates to hire them, again and again.

Facts to consider before contemplating a freelancing career

Following are some basic pointers and tips for those who are thinking about entering the freelancing market. These tips are also for those who have already started on their freelancing journey:

When they receive or make a professional call, freelancers should make sure that they are uninterrupted and available for the duration of the call. They should also ensure that such kind of call is conducted in a professional manner.  Moreover, they must also make sure that there is no background noise/disturbance.

Spheres where freelancers are in great demand

Contrary to the popular perception, freelancing does not necessarily mean lots of free time and frequent breaks. It takes as much time as traditional work and might also take more depending on the assignment.

Freelancing can be done from any place. However, freelancers should ensure that they have a place that is conducive to the successful completion of their work.

Freelancers should surround themselves with people who know and comprehend their work commitments. It must be clear that though freelancing does not fit into the traditional job roles, it still requires as much effort and time. And therefore, should be treated with the same respect meted out to traditional jobs.

Lucrative Areas in Freelancing 

In the past, freelancing was something people did on the side to earn a few extra coins. However, today it is one of the most lucrative fields. Let’s take a look into two of the hot areas in freelancing right now:

Writing and Editing

The bigger interweb is getting, the more content websites require to fill up their pages with interesting words. This is where content creators come in. In simple words, content creation relates to developing well-written articles in the stipulated time. This can mean creating content every other day or every other week. The posts can be lengthy or short. The only important thing is to remember that if you want to build a brand, make sure that you supply the business with compelling and well-written content.


If developing unique content is not your piece of cake, then consider copywriting. Remember that content writing and copywriting is not the same. While content writing requires you to develop cohesive articles, copywriting is much shorter and packed with punch, For instance, like writing copies for advertisements, social media and emails.

As a writer, you can also consider business writing. This would involve developing collaterals like newsletters, company profiles, annual reports and similar kind of things.

If you have a basic understanding of SEO, that’s an added bonus!

Demand for Everything Digital

Industries are on the lookout for individuals with specialized computing skills. Some of the popular skills in this gig economy are artificial intelligence, vulnerability assessment/penetration testing, and Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X is a trending video editing tool; Vulnerability assessment/penetration testing involves gauging how vulnerable organizations are hacking and phishing; And Artificial Intelligence needs no introduction – it can be seen everywhere today from digital assistants to customized recommendation.

Website building still remains a very lucrative domain for freelancers. Though it is possible for anyone to develop their own websites with the help of Wix or Squarespace, not many people are confident enough to do it on their own.

There are many corporate training providers today, who offer these kinds of courses to working professionals. So if you are a working professional, take advantage of this, build your skills in your preferred niche and start dipping your toes into freelancing.


As you can see, Freelancing hosts an array of benefits. Having said that, it is still advised to look before you leap! Weigh the pro’s and con’s and if you choose to freelance, decide on an area of your interest.

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