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Why More And More Indian Students Are Choosing Cranfield University for Post-Graduation!

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When it comes to pursuing Post Graduation, you look for a University that provides you with the best education. Simultaneously, you also desire for availing more and more opportunities for the future also. Considering that, most people prefer pursuing their post-graduation from a renowned University of the UK. The high standards in the quality of education along with the exposure to the greater amount of opportunities are unparalleled. Degrees obtained from the UK Universities are highly respected in all parts of the world. Moreover, you get to study in a multinational environment, since UK universities attract students from everywhere around the world. And, that can immensely help you in your personality development which you’ll surely love!

The Key Player in the Game

One such University known worldwide for its unmatched standards of education & infrastructure is the Cranfield University. Being the UK’s only specialist postgraduate university in technology & management, Cranfield University has been a popular destination for Indian Graduate students to pursue their post-graduation for more than 70 years. With an extraordinary student-staff ratio of 7:1, Cranfield has always been known for its remarkable education system. Moreover, it has been a prestigious five-time winner of the Queen’s anniversary prize. Hence, Cranfield University has always been the best when it comes to postgraduate education and research work. They have also been awarded the European Award for HR excellence for HR Excellence in Research in June 2015. These are just some of their achievements.

They have also been ranked in the top 10 in the UK for commercial research, consultancy, and professional development. Around 10000 students from around the world take admissions there every year. Everything about this University talks about professionalism. They have a staff containing professional experts from all fields while having a world-class infrastructure. Hence, everything in itself is perfect in this University. In this blog, we will be discussing why you too should opt for Cranfield University! This is more so if you wish to pursue your Post Graduation from the UK.

World Class Infrastructure & Amenities

Besides having their own airport & runway, Cranfield University has a large campus accommodating a number of different world class amenities that give the students a higher exposure to professional life. The education system at the Cranfield gives a lot of importance to practical knowledge of the subjects. A good example of this is available on the Facilities website of Cranfield. An Aerospace Autonomy Laboratory, IPEL indoor test facilities, and an Aeronautics center are just some of these facilities. Studying at Cranfield provides you with an on-hand experience of everything relevant. It will provide you with the lessons you will need to know. This is more so when the mentors of the university, expose you to professional challenges in life.

Life at Cranfield & the learning environment

The University’s campus contains bars, shops, a post office, a sports hall, and a bank. What more can a student ask for? And all these amenities are at a walking distance for the students. Moreover, the Cranfield Campus is set in extensive grounds with its own airport, two hotels with full accommodation and banqueting facilities, sports and recreation facilities, a number of different student accommodation options including family homes & student apartment blocks and an adjoining technology park with nearly 60 technology and science-based businesses.

To better understand the amenities available for the students at Cranfield University, you must look at their virtual tour. Cranfield University makes sure that its students get the best of everything from education to living facilities. Studying at Cranfield, you can experience the ideal student lifestyle. Moreover, you can also get a chance to interact with some very talented students from around the world. This helps builds contact and interaction skills. Also, most of the staff of the university contains academic experts of their respective fields. They have ample experience in dealing with different sorts of troubles their students might face in the future. Thus, it makes them the ideal people for guidance.

Learning options and opportunities

Providing a wide range of courses for degrees like Post Graduation, PgCert, Research, Management, Ph.D., etc. Cranfield University is one of the best places to pursue your degree from. All the courses are available from Aerospace, Energy & Power, Manufacturing, Transport Systems, Defence & Security, Environment & Agrifood, Management and Water sectors. The students at the University are taught and prepared as such to be prepared to meet all the challenges of their field of study.

Moreover, Cranfield University has close links with some of the biggest names in the business industry. Ranked as the number one University in the UK for the research income from industry per academic in the year 2017, Cranfield University has designed its programmes to stay up-to-date with the world. They have forged beneficial relationships with around 1500 companies & organizations around the world including Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Unilever, EasyJet, Coca-Cola, and the UK Civil Aviation Authority owing to their partnerships, applied research projects, professional development programmes and executive education.


A big question that must have arisen in your mind by now would be ‘ WIll you be able to afford to study at Cranfield University?’ And it is but natural for you to feel this way especially after you understand the Pound to Rupee conversion. But, not to worry, Cranfield University can help you through this as well. Cranfield University provides a number of different scholarships for Indian students pursuing their education there. From full scholarship systems providing from your tuition fees to your living and travel allowances and many more, there are a number of different options for you to explore and apply for according to your need and eligibility.

With these scholarships and Loan programs, Cranfield University makes sure you can study in peace during the tenure of your degree while keeping your financial troubles at bay. To understand more about the scholarships programs, you can visit the Fees & Funding page of their website.

Comprehensive Support

Right from before you take admission at the Cranfield University to the time after you finish your course there, they are always there to guide you for the best. They help you select the best course to pursue your degree and help you sort the right options to help you financially. They even help you explore and find the perfect accommodation option for yourself. Their student advice Centres are always available for help whenever a student needs them. They provide a number of support services for their students to make sure that their students excel in their life.

Once you finish your education journey with them, you get access to one of the most influential alumni communities in the world. Their dynamic global network of more than 60000 people helps deliver lifelong benefits to their students. Besides that, they also have a big support network, here in India to help you get the right guidance for your career. You can contact and consult any of their agent representatives in India or visit their website by clicking here.

From first-class education to the best amenities, Cranfield University leaves all other universities behind. If you wish to pursue a degree after graduation, not just to study but to excel, Cranfield University is the place for you.

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