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Why Should You opt For A Construction Economics & Quantity Surveying Degree?

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“Quantity surveying is a profession that mingles construction, engineering, and economics.”

Construction projects are often complex in nature and involve many human and non-human factors along with different variables. Quantity Surveying is one such profession that deals with controlling and managing construction projects. It is the responsibility of a Quantity Surveying professional to understand all the technical aspects of a construction building. Moreover, he/she aspires to achieve the best quality regarding the client’s specifications, and understand his/her quantities, budgets, and measurements.

At RICS School of Built Environment, the aim is to provide a specialized MBA course in Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying that meets and maintains the educational standards that are relevant to the disciplines of quantity surveying.

The Benefits Provided by the Study Program

The course will equip you with an extensive understanding of aspects such as procurement, and financial management. It will also refine your skills for commercial management of construction projects. Moreover, the program will verse you well with the technology, processes, and people involved in achieving project success. Students will be able to work on different projects, ranging from commercial offices and hotels to bridges and highways.

This program will help shape Quantity Surveyors who can work with construction companies, real estate firms, and consulting firms. Moreover, they would benefit from working across all the essential stages of a project lifecycle such as:

  • Design economics and cost planning – Added value to design solutions
  • Procurement and tendering – Optimise cost and procurement opportunities
  • Contract administration – Administer construction contracts
  • Commercial management – Assessment of completed work costs
  • Life cycle costing – Establish the total cost and spend profile of the project over its anticipated life span

Today, many regard the infrastructure sector as a key driver to the Indian economy. Furthermore, the sector avails intense support from the government and propelling development initiatives. Quantity Surveyors play a huge role in managing construction projects and make sure they are done smoothly. Hence, they have earned much popularity among young aspirants in recent times.

Here are some of the most common questions asked by QS aspirants:

Q. Who can learn QS?

Candidates who seek to become a quantity surveyor should have good financial management skills. Besides, they should have some exposure to civil engineering projects. Although, having a background from the construction industry is ideal, there are students who have done BBA and MSE Physics. These students were successful in QS as they had the right skills. As the profile is closely related to finance and construction field, candidates from architecture or engineering disciplines will have an added advantage.

Q. What are the chances to become a procurement engineer in the QS field?

Since procurement, rendering, and contracts are the core parts of Quantity Surveying, one has excellent chances to become a procurement engineer after the successful completion of the course. It is essential to have site experience, understanding of different materials, and learn about the vendor market to be an effective procurement engineer.

Q. After B.Tech, can we directly join QS course or do we need site experience?

Having site experience will offer an added advantage, as students will be well-versed with the terminologies. After all, having practical experience is always a bonus. However, even if one is a fresher, it won’t come in the way of them becoming a successful quantity surveyor. The school authorities have also included site visits and practical case studies in the course. These will help them in gaining that exposure.

Q. How is QS different from Construction Project Management (CPM)? Which software are used in both?

CPM is more inclined towards the overall management of the projects, which includes planning and strategizing the entire project from start to end. QS focuses more on the pre-contract and post-contract cost management aspects of a project. Ultimately and therefore, it is all about profitability. For CPM, software like MS Project and Prima Vera are in use while for QS, Cosmetics and Candy come in handy.

Q. What are the placement opportunities?

Many students consider QS as a high market requirement. RICS SBE attracts some of the leading companies for its placement season, including Turner and Townsend, Vedas International and WSP. With the multiple opportunities provided by the institution and the right technical skills of the student, one is sure to come out with flying colors.

The sky is the limit for aspirants who come out with a RICS-accredited degree in the field of Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics. Take the first step to becoming a successful Quantity Surveyor by being a part of RICS School of Built Environment.

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