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Why Study in Europe?

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There are over 30 universities in Europe that teach medicine in English. Students have now started flocking to Eastern Europe in order to pursue their dream of studying medicine or dentistry. The competition for medical courses is extremely fierce. This is despite the high need for doctors all over the UK and other European countries.

Students now prefer applying to study medicine abroad rather than enduring all the complication processes in the UK. The application process abroad is fairly straightforward, and students can secure their seat on their dream course with reasonable requirements.

Flexible Entry Requirements

The entry requirements are more flexible than the requirements set by UK medical schools. There must be some students who do not achieve exceptional grades. These students can still redeem themselves by doing well on the entrance exam. This exam covers high school Biology and Chemistry topics. Students should prepare well for these exams in order to get a high grade and increase their chances of entry. It is highly advisable to use the services of an agency such as Medlink Students. The agency can guarantee entry for students who wish to study medicine in Europe.

English Medicine Course

Students will be taught and assessed in English. However, students will be offered language lessons in order to integrate better with the locals. This is also helpful when communicating with patients. Even though the professor will always translate what the patient is saying during the clinics.

Cheaper Tuition Fees

Studying in the UK has become a dire situation. After the tuition fees got tripled from £3000 to £9000 in 2012, students are more careful about their choice. Students who study a Bachelor’s degree in the UK for 3 years will end up with a huge £40,000 debt. So, they’re now looking elsewhere. There are more affordable and cheaper medical courses in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine. They offer high quality medical and dental courses.

More Clinical Experience

Medicine and Dentistry graduates from Europe have a much more confident approach in treating patients. This is as they receive training through the highly intense and practical-based courses. Ever thought why the UK has so many Eastern European doctors? It is widely known that medical schools abroad allow their graduates to have a much more hands-on approach with learning. This approach is quite opposed to the system in the UK. The UK has many regulatory laws limiting the ability of medical students from having hands-on experience. The medical students in the UK are not allowed to touch the patient before getting their degree.

Better Lifestyle

The UK is overly expensive. Living in halls costs students £1000 per month. But, in Europe, students can rent a luxury private apartment all to themselves for £300 per month. Going out for a three-course meal can cost between £2 to £5. A tequila shot in a classy bar is £0.60. Students can enjoy a night out with their international friends. They can splash out for such little money that it barely makes a dent in their wallet.  Hence, living abroad is much more affordable and more enjoyable. Students can make the most out of their money compared to students in the UK who must count every penny.


Students should research the university’s entrance exams and entry requirements. Universities will only consider students who meet the entry requirements. Then the student is invited for an entrance exam. The entrance exams are very competitive and require a lot of preparation. Should the student passes the exam, he/she must then begin the preparation of their documents. Students need to apostille, legalize, notarise, and certify their documents in their home country. Then they must translate their documents and do the same procedure in the country of destination. If the documents have been prepared correctly and the student’s file is competitive enough, they may be offered a place on the medicine course. This is a complicated procedure and students make many mistakes as they are not experienced with the bureaucratic processes.

Interview Invitation

If the student is good enough for the medical or dental university then they will be invited for an interview. The university will usually send a message via online/email and by posting a letter to the address of the applicant. The applicant must respond to the invitation confirming that they wish to attend on the date and time and location specified.

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