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How to write a stellar dissertation

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Reaching the point of dissertation writing clearly means that you have learned much and now you’re quite near to the end of your educational journey. The purpose of writing dissertation or thesis is to show your capacity and competencies in the discipline of your interest. A dissertation containing original content and thought provoking results adds value to the academic grounds.

Whether you write a dissertation as a Ph.D. candidate or undergraduate student, the importance of this stage remains same for both.

Writing dissertation is not as easy as assignments and projects. The endless efforts and non-stop research may drain you during this stage. It’s a complex challenge that requires great enthusiasm and devotion.

As a lot of time, knowledge and skills are required to write a dissertation, many students face serious problems. Procrastination and lack of writing and research skills make it much difficult for students to complete their thesis in time. Originality is another factor that counts a lot when it comes to writing a dissertation because plagiarized content is not acceptable at any cost!

A dissertation is the essence of scholar’s educational knowledge and learnings. This milestone has to be outstanding to become a unique content of academic community. Writing a stellar dissertation is not a wizard act but only requires dedication and efforts.

Writing Dissertation  is the last stage of academic period and can be quite overwhelming. The key to attempt a thesis is to start it early so you will have enough time to make it perfect.

Here is the step by step guide to writing a stellar dissertation that will surely make this stage less nerve-racking:

1.Topic selection

The first step is to choose a topic. Don’t follow other’s lead because it’s much important that you work on what you find interesting. The success or failure of a dissertation is totally dependent on your chosen topic. You have to come up with innovative ideas because a dissertation has to be unique, advanced and catchy. Avoid vagueness and select a concise topic that shows the essence of your research.

2.Write a Proposal

After selecting a fine topic, you will have to write a proposal. A dissertation proposal persuades the committee members to allow you to attempt research on your chosen topic. A proposal describes why you have selected a certain topic and how it will make a valuable addition to academic community. You will also explain the problems that your dissertation will address and describe the methods that will be used to find solutions. While choosing the question for your dissertation, remember too much complex questions will lead you to a dead end. Hence, the dissertation question should be simple enough to lead you to a testable hypothesis that can be proved through strong argumentation.

To make a persuasive proposal, you must focus on its structure. A good proposal includes:


b.Objectives: Don’t aim for more than three objectives else it will seem that your dissertation is not much focused.

c.Literature: You may mention a few references, an area of study and school of thoughts that are essential for your dissertation.

d.Research: In this section, be clear about your research question and its area.

e.Methodology: Whether your dissertation is going to be empirical or non-empirical, qualitative or quantitative, mention it all in this section.

f.Expected outcomes: A proposal contains what results you expect from the research.

g.Timeframe: Also mention the time required to complete your dissertation because every research has to be finished in a specific timeframe.

3.Conduct research

Once your proposal is accepted by the committee, you may begin the research! Use internet, newspaper, books, journals and previous dissertations to collect relative information. Be sure that you gather only recent material because old content doesn’t hold much authentication.

4.Prepare an outline

Now as you have gathered valuable information, it’s time to prepare an outline for your dissertation. An outline will save your time and let you work in a flow without facing any pauses or confusions. The outline of your dissertation will involve:

a.Introduction: It’s the first chapter of your dissertation that includes the background and statement of the problem. It clarifies the purpose of research and also holds an explanation of all terms used in the dissertation.

b.Literature Review: You will mention all the research work done on this topic already in this chapter.

c.Methodology: This section includes all necessary information about the ways you chose to conduct the research and find results. From the collection of data to its analysis, you will expose all the implemented strategies and methods.

d.Findings: This chapter holds the discussion on results and you will also answer your research questions in this same section on the grounds of found results.

e.Conclusion and recommendation: This is the last chapter that concludes your whole research in simple and concise manner. A good dissertation never ends only with a conclusion but also involves some valuable recommendations that may bring the desired change.

5.Write the first Draft

Once your outline is prepared, start writing the first draft. As energy consuming work is already done in the previous steps, now you just have to follow the outline and continue with the writing process.

6.Proofread and edit

A perfect dissertation is free of errors and faults hence proofread your draft and make amendments if required. You may also ask your supervisor to proofread your draft so you may have the word of an expert. Remember, valuable information will not be effective if your research will be full of grammatical mistakes.

7.Plagiarism Check

This step is unavoidable if you want your dissertation to be simply outstanding! Check plagiarism to know the uniqueness of your content because originality is essential for a stellar research!

8.Citation and Bibliography

This last step increases the authentication of your research! Mention the books, journal articles, online content and published work by using a proper citation and reference method. It will be a proof that you took help from certain sources to come up with some new results.

To conclude, write a stellar dissertation by following these steps and reduce problems associated with this academic stage.

Author Bio: This article has been written by Kira Louise. She is a professor at a public university in Sydney, Australia, and also writes academic posts for various educational blogs. She writes for a dissertation service uk and is very proud of it.

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