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You Should Be Reading

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“ I received my education in the second hand book shop”        –Ruskin Bond

Have you realized the ultimate companion that you have in this race of life? The companion which helps and assist you at every step of your life. The companion which stands by you in your good times and bad. The companion which never demands anything from you. The companion which teaches you, the companion which entertains you, the companion which guides you. The companion which becomes your pillow in distress and put a smile on your face. It lets you time travel as well. Isn’t it fantastic?

Have you still got who am I talking about? Yes, It’s Books.

And today we are going to tell you why you should keep them near you all the time. Here are the 8 reasons why you should read books every day.

  • Never feel lonely or alone


Book is the perfect companion when you are feeling bored or lonely. It’s like a grandmother telling you sweet stories and taking you for a ride to a far away world, away from all the worries and problem. It’s like a ride to a adventure land. When you read a book it’s more fun than a movie. Here you make the sequences of the motion picture based on the story from the book from your own point of view. You escape from the brutality of the real world and make your own perfect universe. So never feel bored or alone, just pick a book anywhere, anytime.

  • Improves your concentration


Reading books improve your concentration. You are all into the book. It make your mind focused and increase the concentration. You concentrate on each character, to each word and paragraph and get immersed in the literature. It make your mind focus on one thing and improves your concentration power substantially.

  • Stress reduction

Stress reduction

Books are like a treat to the stressed mind. People should read for the joy of leaving their lives and heads and problems, and entering the worlds of other lives, heads, and, problems too. Reading stimulates the mind in a way that movies and TV cannot; reading awakens a dormant imagination and keeps the mind fresh. It calms the mind the reader and act as a superb stress reducer.

  • Broaden your horizon


Reading books broaden your horizon. It develops strong analytical thinking. When you are exposed to a book, you are at the liberty to interpret the turn of events according to your will, your mood and your attitude. Everybody takes something different away from the same piece of literature. Everybody has different heroes and villains from the same story. Books gives you the liberty to analyse every aspect of the literature from your point of view. It exposes the reader to a number of situations and characters and leaves you there with them to construction of the story.

  • Enhance your Knowledge


Books have been and always are the greatest source of knowledge. It transport you the time and places that you can’t be in your real life. It expose you to the situations that you weren’t there to see. A average writer does a research of around three years before writing a book. And there it is an extensive research of years and a experience of lifetime in a five hundred page volume and that too from different time frames. The knowledge alone that’s written in books is worth any time invested in reading, and also the adventure and journey that they take you on is priceless.

  • Improves your personality

Personality books

A well read person is always a treat to talk to and to be with. It make the person more vibrant on a lot of the different issues. It gives you conversation starter and content to continue the conversation and impressing the person in front of you. Almost all the successful people are well read. It makes them a complete person. It also help you make a successful orator. A well read person has sprawling views on a number of issues and always has a alibi to press his argument. Reading books also exposes the person to a number of viewpoints and enhance the understanding of the reader.

  • Vocabulary Expansion


One of the best practices to improve your vocabulary is too read books. It expose you to a lot of new words and the situations they are to be used in. Words read in the books eventually comes in the practice of your day to day conversation and improve your language. Reading books is also a very nice practice to learn new language. It improves your understanding and quality of the language. If you are interested in expanding your word reserves, you should read more and more books.

  • Memory Improvement


Reading books is one of the best exercise for your mind. It help improve your memory very efficiently. When you read a book, you have to remember the characters and the background story as well as the story and role of each character before you hit the book again. These factors boost your memory significantly. It is always beneficial to read more and more books to improve memory. If you can manage reading two books at a time it’s even better.

So, Get up and hit your nearest library or bookstore and pick a book and start reading.

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