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Your Application Essay Reflects Your True Self

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Your application essay also called a personal statement or a personal essay is a documentation of your personality. Your résumé, biodata, and academic certifications can’t represent that documentation. And that’s why many colleges, graduate colleges, and universities require you to submit this essay along with your application.

Considering this, we can say that it reveals your true nature, your actual capabilities, and your potential.

Why is it so important for the admission officers of the academic program?

Because it helps them understand you better. It helps them know if you’ll do your best in that program. and later in real life in that field. Your numbers reflect your performance during your previous studies. Still, they can’t assure for your similar excelling performance in the program you want to go for.

Here are some reasons that make your personal essay effective and truly reflective of yourself.

You choose to show the best of your experiences

Yes, only the best of what you have done or experienced so far. Also, that best should be related to your intended program. Moreover, it can also be contributing to your efforts for getting ready for the same.

Also, be honest in stating your skills and capabilities. Don’t try to show what you don’t know or have not done before. This is as it may get you in but may affect your performance and reputation later.

You are focused on proving the most relevant things

The selection professors are interested in knowing only a few things about you. These are the things that can assure them that you are the right candidate for a particular program. They want you to prove their decision of selecting you to be correct.

So, mention only those things that are the most relevant and focus on them. Wondering around many things with no aim or no central point will just take their interest out of it. And if they get bored, your chance of getting in will get lower or almost negative.

It shows your own style of expression

This is the essence of your essay. Tell your story in your own words and in your own style. Professors say they are tired of reading essays that try to convince them in a salesman style with flowery words and flattering tone. This is the reason most of the selection members go through the essays very quickly, read initial few lines and throw them aside if they find them not persuasive.

The best way to increase your chance of selection is to use your own words no matter how simple they are. You are not there to show your writer side. Instead, you are supposed to write those things that will help you go through the selection process.

It shows your facts rather than just arguments

Facts and numbers matter as long as they are relevant to your experience. Don’t tell what you like or what you do. Tell what you have done with clear details backed with real reasons and examples. That will make it easy for the selection professor to understand your worth and if you are fit for the program.

Your essay should be proofread and polished

While applying for a graduate or advanced level program, you are supposed to be good at writing an error-free and grammatically correct essay. You don’t have to be a seasoned writer but whatever you write should be correct in terms of grammar and spelling.

A poorly written essay may get rejected instantly. So, get your application essay proofread by your friends or family members and polish using their feedback. But if you want the professionals to check, check here. It will surely play a role in your selection.

By now, you should have realized that when an application is accepted for a program, the above-mentioned points are among the core reasons for it, for sure. This kind of essay shows your true self in a natural and effective way. Think about these recommendations and apply them while writing your application essay.

Best of luck!

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