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3 Ways Children Can Use Technology to Build and Strengthen their English Fluency

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It’s no secret, technology has become a central part of our lives. It allows us to communicate, to learn new things, and even to stay fit. In 2020, the global  E-Learning market was worth about $250.8 billion and is expected to be worth $457.8 Billion by 2026. Technology plays an integral part in providing children with additional learning experiences beyond the classroom environment.

Young children need extra support and practice to learn language as enhanced support is linked to faster language acquisition. These learners also require various experiences that give them opportunities to hear, speak, read, and write English. Students develop skills by practicing what they know; the more they practice, the better they become.

You can use technology to build English fluency in children. It can help them learn basic skills such as self-expression, play, and computational thinking. It helps support what kids are taught in school and boosts their natural curiosity. Here’s how you can use tech to build fluency:

Use Media to Express English Knowledge

Students can achieve a lot when they use media for language expression. You can help them make vocabulary presentations in multiple modes such as audio, text, video, graphics, and animation. They can also understand the meanings of words by reading, listening, viewing graphics, writing, or audio taping.

Children can also complete interactive word maps or create captions for graphics. Creating captions for images provides students with different modes of expression. Captions created for photo essays, digital stories, and podcasts enhance English fluency.

Kids can also use PowerPoint as a multimedia composing and presentation tool. It’s helpful for creatively expressing multimodal vocabulary presentations. You can develop templates to help your students generate multimedia word presentations on PowerPoint slides.

Learn from Visual Displays

Understanding the meanings of elaborate words and building connections between words lays the foundation for fluency. Visual displays and graphic organizers help children understand the relationship between words. Show your students how to use word mapping tools to support visual word presentations.

Word clouds are great at stimulating students’ thinking about the importance, meaning, and relationship between words. They highlight themes and keywords, preparing students for reading and discussions after reading. They also help children pay close attention to words, how they relate to one another, and the context in which they are used.

Kids can draw on their background knowledge and visual literacy skills and actively engage with words. By manipulating the word cloud’s color, layout, and font, they can gain visual understanding. If you feel a student needs one-on-one coaching to master reading fluency, you can find a skilled tutor by typing “reading tutor near me.”

Support Reading with Vocabulary References

All readers occasionally encounter unfamiliar words and need a strategy to read and understand them. Teach and encourage children to use online dictionaries and thesaurus to look up unfamiliar words. Using such reference tools regularly improves English fluency.

The strength of technology lies in its capacity to communicate content in multiple modes to enhance understanding. Some kids’ dictionaries are free and are specifically designed for students and offer varying degrees of difficulty. You can access picture, audio, or text dictionaries. Some online word reference tools also act as excellent teaching resources.

Technology can help children build their English fluency fast. Use different tools and strategies to stimulate their interest in learning English. When they use the right digital tools and resources, they will become strategic learners.

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