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3 Ways for Marketing Through the Company Website

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Optimise your website for optimizing your business!

The digital age continues to carry us through an ever-changing world of technological innovation. Meanwhile, marketing has evolved to the point that there are far more opportunities than ever before to reach audiences. But with those same opportunities, have come increased challenges. Let’s learn about the both when your plan is for marketing through the company website.

Through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the like, people connect with you at the greatest ever scale and rate! For the marketer, this means more options to connect your business with more potential customers. It also amounts to your hearing for more online ‘noise’ that you must sort through.

While there’s no easy solution to the age-old question of, “How do I get more people to buy from me?” one critical resource that’s often overlooked by marketers is their own company’s website. In the digital age, your website will be the representative for your business! Also, they will find whether they want to work with you! This certainly requires your taking steps to optimize your site for both your business and your customers!

To help you do just that, read ahead to discover three effective methods for improving your website. This will help you achieve even greater results.

Website Development Important

Use Your Website’s Content to Prescreen Customers

The first thing that sales and marketing professionals usually do not consider when approaching their communications tools, including their website, is, “How do I turn away more people?” It sounds counterproductive on the surface, but consider this: marketing departments all over the world waste about 30% of their budgets in a year. Going by the estimates, experimentation and drawn-out contracts seem to be the main culprits. But, another drain on marketing funds is the wasted advertising and campaigns towards bad customers. One can say the same for people who’ll never buy from their companies in the first place.

Businesses have since long figured out a till hidden fact. Most people know that there is a market for everything you could make or offer. There will always be people who won’t buy from you, no matter what, though. There’s no point in wasting your time, money, and effort trying to pursue these “unicorn buyers” who will never appear. Instead, target your ideal customer, and use the full weight of your marketing expertise to draw them in.

You can identify your ideal buyer through a combination of primary and secondary research, that culminates in a Buyer Persona; a personality snapshot that discusses what your ideal customer values most. Once identifying what your customers, or rather your prospective customers, value, you can tailor appealing content to them. Also, you must weed out those who aren’t interested or don’t meet the criteria to be good clients.

For example

If your business values quality, avoiding anxiety and giving a sense of fulfillment, make that clear to your website browsers. Emphasize that you take your time to get it right. Also, make certain that your business wants its customers as committed to you as you are to them. Similarly, you must charge a higher premium for a higher quality experience.

This will weed out browsers looking for a cheap buy or those who just want to shop around. It may even close the doors for the nagging customers who are constantly on the hunt for a better deal. You’ll remain with buyers valuing quality, wanting to build a relationship with your business! To motivate such facilitators for your business, you may not even mind investing to achieve their desires!

Ensure Your Domain Reflects Who and What Your Business Is

How many times have you been on the internet and come across sites like, “” or “” It’s an all too common occurrence, and URLs like these carry with them a perception of unprofessionalism, juvenility, and untrustworthiness. You must avoid these at all costs.

When your business first started, you may have been limited in your choice of domain names and had to settle, or maybe you serviced a specific area or demographic. Both are understandable, but to increase your reach, you need a domain that speaks to that wider domain of influence.

For example

When your financial consulting business started, you may have only serviced clients in India, maybe even a specific city within the country. But now, you’ve reached the point that you’re ready to go international or expand beyond your home city. If that’s the case, a name like “” won’t work anymore. If you keep that, you’ll still only attract mostly Indian customers through search engines. “” speaks to your increased reach, as well as what you do, and searches will yield customers from around the globe.

If you want your website name to reflect who you are, what you do, and have increased relevance with customers, you should consider registering a new domain immediately.

Optimize Your Website’s Navigation

Have you ever been on a website, and gone through four or five different links trying to find what you wanted, because there was no search function, only to grow frustrated and have to click back several times to try again? We all have, and there’s nothing more effective at driving your customers away.

Your customers may be willing to be more patient while you prepare a service or product or pay a higher premium because they know you will deliver the highest quality available on the market, but no customer will ever forgive or tolerate your website making them work excessively to find information and buy from you.

To counter this, you need to ensure that your website is easy to navigate, logical in its flow and that customers can determine where they are at any given point. Use headers that address specific facets of your business, including specific product lines, how your services work, and the like. FAQs should be featured prominently on your home page, and always include a search function.

Make a small Busniess Website in 5 simple steps!

You should also consider breadcrumbs in your navigation pane so that customers understand where they are within your site hierarchy, and how much they need to back out to find their desired information.

There’s no one correct solution when it comes to revamping your website. What matters most is that you understand who your customers are (or who you want them to be), understand what they expect from you, and use your website to directly engage with that audience.

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