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Applying on your own to Foreign Universities

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Studying abroad has always been a dream for most of us, ‘a dream’ which is worth chasing. After graduation, you are a single step away from getting into your dream university. This single step decides which university you would get into. Before applying to the universities on your own, you should have following information:

General Information: Foreign universities take their intake during fall session or spring session. Some universities may take admit during fall season only. Application opens for all the courses being offered by the university. You should have a handy information about the different courses being offered by a particular university. After this, you should also have a valid passport to appear in the required examinations and to complete the application procedure.

Examinations Required: Most of the universities accepting for Masters in Engineering or Science require GRE score. Universities offering MBA courses would accept GMAT/GRE score depending upon the admission criteria. Minimum GRE/GMAT score required may be mentioned on the official website of the universities. English proficiency test score including TOEFL/IELTS score is also required. Minimum English proficiency test score required varies across universities.

Profile Evaluation: Before choosing your university, you should go through your profile necessarily. Profile assessment includes your undergrad CGPA, Research Publications, Conference Papers, Academic Projects, Academic achievements and Extra-curricular activities. Top universities are mostly academic-centric. You should choose your universities accordingly.

University Shortlisting: A trick for shortlisting your universities would be to go through each of their eligibility criteria and bucket them according to your profile as safe, moderate or ambitious. Try to apply to 2-3 universities from each of the bucket.

Required Documents: CV and SOP constitute a major part of the selection criteria. It highlights all of your academic and non-academic achievements. SOP focusses mainly on why you want to get into your dream university, what are your short term and long term goals, and what value addition would you bring to the host university. Some universities also require a personal statement which highlights your personal background, values and major incidents which had major impacts on your life. CV and SOP are the mandatory requirements for every university. Apart from this, Academic transcript from your undergraduate university is required to be directly sent to the admission office.

Letter of Recommendation/Reference: Universities require two/three mandatory letter of recommendations from your professor or project advisor. It is the supporting document to all your credentials. It is a crucial component of evaluation for your application. A good LOR from a distinguished professor can land an average profile into a top university. Always try to get LOR from the professor who has been good to you academically, it may be your project supervisor or academic tutor.

Application Fee: It varies across the universities but would cost around $80-$110 each. You can submit an application for only one course at a particular time, but some universities allow you to submit an application to another department as a separate application at an expense of university application fee.

Admission Decisions: After completing your application, it takes around two to three months to get the decision. Admissions would be going on a rolling basis and hence, decisions would also be floated accordingly.

After completing all the processes, be patient and hold your breath till the decision comes. In case of any discrepancy, you can always connect with the university help desk. A major outcome comes via a correct set of small steps, do thorough preparation before applying.

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