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Best 7 IIT JEE Distance Education courses

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Coaching method is always your personal preference of comfort; today you have numerous ways of learning like classroom coaching, online coaching, etc. In this article, you’ll get a gist of what benefits can Best IIT JEE Distance Education programs in India can offer and what are the small features you need to be aware of to benefit maximum. We have compiled a list of coaching offering distance learning courses including Resonance, FIITJEE, Bansal , Allen and others.


Profile: Founded in 2001 by RK Verma, B.Tech IIT Madras, it is spread throughout North India and is headquartered in Kota. IITians from different parts of the country comprise the core team, leading a faculty of 500+ members.

Course: The maha pack ‘VIRAAT’ for JEE (Main + Advanced) consists of:

  • Study material package – Theory concepts are explained in detail with examples; every chapter is followed by average to high-level problems.
  • Daily Practice Problem Files
  • All India Test Series
  • Revision Package – It is divided into two parts – Rank Booster and Ready Reckoner
  • It is a two-year course available in Hindi and English

Fees: Between INR 14,500 – INR 16,700 depending on the packages you select

Review: This is one of the distance learning programs I would personally recommend as it is a wholesome package which has satisfied many students. The study material is well-explained, the All India Test Series are a good simulation of IIT papers and the additional practice problems ensure the topics are intact in your memory.


Profile: Established in 1992by Mr DK Goel, a Mechanical Engineer from IIT JEE, specifically to coach students for IIT; Today it has emerged as an education institute coaching for several competitive exams.

Course: FIITJEE starts IIT coaching from as early as 9th std, however, you can start from 10th,11th or 12th as well. Depending on when you begin, the course will comprise:

  • The study material contains objective and subjective topics such that you are prepared for any kind of exam pattern
  • It contains illustrations, exercises and solved examples
  • Graded assignments and additional set of problems
  • All India Test Series enables you to compete with IIT aspirants across India and grades you through Rank Potential Index (Rank Potential Index)
  • myPAT – online platform to learn and assess yourself
  • Concept strengthening Classroom Program is conducted to clear doubts
  • You can avail scholarships as well
  • Check the eligibility criteria

Fees:  The course fee varies between INR 13,800 – INR 28,175 depending on when you join. For details click here

Review: FIITJEE claims to have taught 6 of the Best 10 students of IIT JEE main. The classroom program is considered one of the best especially for its study material and teaching methodology which I believe has been retained in the correspondence course as well.  They put you through intense drilling so be prepared. The small additional elements like exercises, RPI, myPAT, etc. make it enriching. If not RESONANCE then your next choice should be FIITJEE.



Profile: Started in 1984 by popular educator V.K Bansal and has since expanded across India. Bansal claims to have taught 3 students of the Best 100 IITJEE qualifiers of 2016.

Course: You can opt for three kinds of packages based on what you require. On a whole you will have access to:

  • Study material containing concepts explained, solved examples and practice questions sub-divided into various exercises
  • Mailing quizzes and Phase Tests to assess your chapter wise preparation
  • Master Problem Package – package of challenging questions
  • Mock Test Paper package – a set of 10 papers with solutions exclusively designed by Bansal classes

Fees: The complete package will cost INR 23,500

Review: The study material is appreciated just as much as its classroom teaching. They have an elaborate test series package of mock IIT papers. It’s difficult to find loopholes as it’s a wholesome package, however on a whole it might prove to be good but not excellent.



Profile: Started 20 years ago, Vidyamandir has gained popularity for IIT JEE coaching.  Their distance learning program was started in 2008.

Course: The course will give you access to:

  • 150 hours of video lectures
  • 10 modules for each subject
  • Synchronised video lectures and printed modules (printed modules are alike for classroom program and DLP)
  • Online tests every week
  • 10 All India Test Series and Ranking across all VMC students
  • One-year and two-year program

Fees: INR 28,750

Review: This is one of the courses which has perfectly blended online with printed material giving you access to the vast and sufficient material. They seem to adopt interesting teaching methodology to make your study process less monotonous. Small activities like weekly tests make it challenging while synchronised video lectures leave less room for doubts. On a whole, it’s worth a try.



Profile: Started in 1988 with science subjects from a small classroom, it has expanded to 3600+ faculty members across India. While the start was remarkable currently it has only managed to remain in the competition.

Course: The course includes:

  • Comprehensive study material complying with the changing exam patterns with fundamental concepts duly discussed
  • Question and answers after every chapter
  • Online test series simulating IIT papers
  • Five types of tests throughout the course -Unit tests, Quarterly tests, Half syllabus tests, Full syllabus tests
  • ALLEN Tab – ebook containing content for study and practice
  • Detailed analysis and feedback on tests

Fees: Ranging between INR 19,600 – INR 21,400 depending on what you choose

Review: They seemed to have borrowed material from Bansal classes in part or complete form which contradicts their claim that their material is self-researched. The course on a whole has received an average rating. This can be your resort if you do not successfully enrol for other classes.



Profile: Started by a few faculty members who separated from Bansal classes in 2010

Course: Vibrant provides programmes which can be enrolled from as early as 9th standard. On a whole the course will offer:

  • Two- year, One-year programme or crash course
  • The Study Material Package discusses all the fundamentals and their applications in detail and revises concepts with the aid of exercise sheets
  • The All India Test Series tests you at various levels during the entire course and after completion of the complete syllabus
  • The JEE Success Package is a revision package for JEE main and advanced
  • The Online Test Series is a medium to test yourself anytime and anywhere as per your convenience and grade your preparation
  • The faculty provides you regular feedback and is available for doubt clearing

Fees: Depending on what you enrol for, the fee will vary between INR 8,000 – INR 23,000

Review: The reviews do not seem to be very positive. Vibrant classroom coaching is undoubtedly good; however, they seem to be less active with the distance learning programme. You may have to do more self-study as compared to the other programmes mentioned above.



Profile: Started in 2008 in Kota, Rajasthan by a team comprising ex-IITians or experienced IIT professors

Course: Suiting your comfort, you can either enrol for study material package or video package or a combination of both. The packages will provide you with:

  • Video lectures discussing all topics in detail along with shortcut methods to quickly crack answers
  • The Test Series package includes unit tests, part tests, full syllabus tests, sample papers, feedback analysis report, performance analysis and All India Ranking
  • Complete video solutions to all test papers
  • Printed books discussing all the topics in detail along with exercise sheets and their solutions
  • Valid one or two years

Fees: The combo package fee is INR 35,000 for 1 year and INR 40,000 for two years. For fee details of other packages click here

Review: The programme was recently started, hence it is fresh, innovative and adaptive. They respond to and educate students for all the programmes equally. Very few have reviewed the program, however, all the few suggest that if you are beginner then Motion will assist you very closely and help you match IIT standards.



It’s not a wise decision to follow the popular opinion always but I would suggest you avoid trying new courses now, as experience is significant in formulating the course and creating study material. Therefore, you should attempt  for Resonance or FIITJEE on priority. If you do not get through then your second priority should be Bansal, Vidyamandir or Motion. The reason I insist on Motion despite it being an amateur compared to others as they have a strong and researched foundation. They make learning by combining different aids.

There stands a wall of difference between classroom programme and distance learning programme i.e., self-study. Nobody coaxes you to study, you have to drive yourself. Sounds difficult? Let’s make it easy:

  • Plan your study
  • Follow the program plan strictly – tests, online resources and exercises
  • Contribute to discussions
  • Say no to procrastination
  • Reward yourself
  • Take breaks to refresh yourself

I assume this should make your preparation easy.  All the best.  Want to discuss anything more? Drop your comments below.

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Sarath Chandran

Jun 18, 2017

Hello! Summing up, you've said Resonance or FIITJEE, "but if you don't get through..." etc. Could you clarify what you mean? Don't get through JEE and choose Vidyamandir, etc., as a dropper?

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rudraksh upadhyay

Jun 01, 2021

what about aakash

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