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Best 10 IIT JEE Preparation Apps for Better Guidance

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Best 10 IIT JEE Preparation Apps for Better Guidance

Ignacio Estrada once remarked that if students don’t understand the way one teaches may be the teaching pattern needs a change. This quote was indeed acknowledged by educators and after a detailed study and development, they came up with an idea of teaching through mobile applications. These applications can be categorized as learning apps, educational apps and preparation apps. In this article, we wish to throw some light specifically upon the IIT JEE preparation apps.

The Advent of IIT JEE preparation apps

In our country, the list of the most competitive undergraduate exams is undoubtedly headed by none other than IIT JEE. IIT JEE is an abbreviation for Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Exam. Every year, lakhs of students flock to try their luck to gain a good rank in the same. But as we all know, the preparation for IIT JEE is not a cake walk. This preparation requires hardcore practice sessions, highly-qualified guides for help and of course, great study material along with excellent test series. All these requirements are fulfilled by various sources. The most novel amongst these sources are the IIT JEE preparation apps.

Why should we use IIT JEE preparation apps at all?

These apps were brought into force to facilitate learning for students in various ways. Firstly, the content of these IIT JEE preparation apps is derived from all the available and trusted study guides and only the relevant information is served. Learning through these IIT JEE preparation apps is hustle free as it reduces the number of books one is bound to open in search of study material. Another striking feature of these IIT JEE preparation apps is the innumerable tests they have to offer. There are specially designed mock test series that help the students to practice well and ace their examinations.

Can these apps be trusted for preparation of an exam as difficult as IIT JEE?

Well, theoretically speaking, books are a vast source of knowledge, so much so that at times, they remain unexplored or are simply inaccessible. These IIT JEE preparation apps offer you unlimited and easy-to-access study material for better preparation. Coming to the psychological perspective of the same, it is a tried, tested, proven and accepted fact that visualization leads to a longer retention of information. Hence, these IIT JEE preparation apps harness technology and present before us in a desirable manner. These apps offer education in the form of various infographics, video lectures and graphical representations with audio inputs.

Best 10 IIT JEE preparation apps

Here is a list of Top 10 IIT JEE Preparation Apps which can help you to ace our exams

We bring to you a list of top 10 educational apps which can help in achieving the best results. Please do read on to discover them and prepare with the best coaches all across the nation.


Gradeup - IIT JEE Preparation AppAiding for exams like IIT JEE, SSC, NEET, UPSC is an amazing preparation app by the name of GradeUp. This IIT JEE preparation app offers free of cost study material. This study material is proficiently designed by a team of special educators who put in their best efforts to help the IIT JEE aspirants to ace their examinations. GradeUp also provides you with regular exam updates. It notifies you about the tiniest details related to IIT JEE.

An added feature of this IIT JEE preparation app is the mentor tips section. In this section, the experts are GradeUp provide the students with important and useful tips and tricks to improve their performance. A prominent reason for GradeUp being ranked among the best IIT JEE preparation apps is the free solutions it provides to the previous year IIT JEE question papers. These solutions prove to be of added help to the IIT JEE aspirants.

Aakash iTutor

AAkash iTutor - IIT JEE Preparation AppOwned and created by the popular Aakash Educational Services Ltd. is the IIT JEE preparation app, Aakash iTutor. It is a top-rated app due to its highly-competitive guidance material designed by a panel of proficient educators. The study material provided at Aakash iTutor is available for IIT JEE, NEET, AIIMS, and various school-level exams. There is also a provision of well-designed eBooks. These books available on this IIT JEE preparation app cover the syllabus in an organized and detailed manner.

There are easily obtainable chapter tests which the students may take to boost their preparation and morale. This IIT JEE preparation app has been designed to help the IIT JEE aspirants to grasp knowledge and retain it for a long duration with the help of video lectures. This free of cost preparation app offers free of cost access to all the videos. Preparation for IIT JEE is facilitated through the installation of this app.


Vedantu - IIT JEE Preparation AppVedantu, a highly-reputed IIT JEE preparation app, is termed as one of the best in the field due to a few prominent reasons. Firstly, this IIT JEE preparation app offers a complete study package for exams like IIT JEE and NEET. The sample papers that are provided by this app, are specially designed by a team of experts who make sure to maintain the level of competency. Hence, the students preparing for IIT JEE through Vedantu are offered well-structured questions for practices.

A striking feature of this preparation app is its user-friendliness. No complicated ways to obtaining the study material or practice papers make this IIT JEE preparation app even more desirable. This app also aids for school-level examinations for ICSE and CBSE. Their NCERT solutions are available free of cost which also aid in IIT JEE preparation. There are special Live videos for IIT JEE, designed by highly-qualified and intellectual animators.


ask IItians - IIT JEE Preparation AppPut together by two IITians, AskIITians is today a team of more than 100 ex-IITians. This IIT JEE preparation app is meant for clarifying doubts with the help of AI experts. There are short videos for online lectures which help students to grasp the concepts. The logo of this IIT JEE preparation app resembles the thought that needs to grow within a child’s mind. This logo also signifies how AskIITians helps the IIT JEE aspirants to grow as much as possible.

The study material provided by this preparation app is modified on a regular basis to make sure that only the latest and best information is given to the students. The students also seek guidance for exams like NEET, SAT and CBSE school-level examinations. The mathematics questions posed by this IIT JEE preparation app are as high in level as Harvard University. This difficulty level brings out the best in the students as they make efforts to solve them correctly and gain a lot of knowledge in the process.


Extramarks - IIT JEE Preparation AppOwned and modified by the very prestigious Extramarks Education India Pvt. Ltd. is an IIT JEE preparation app, Extramarks. This IIT JEE preparation app is a comprehensive platform for the aspirants. This app provides the IIT JEE aspirants with a series of highly-competent weekly tests. These tests are analyzed thoroughly through AI and then the performance of each student is ranked against numerous competitors. The full-fledged analysis provided by this IIT JEE preparation app is an insight for the students. It helps them to improve upon their grey areas.

The ever-increasing question bank of this IIT JEE preparation app has helped many IIT JEE aspirants to ace their exams. The full-length mock tests offer insights to students regarding the exam pattern. The packages provided by Extramarks are completely based upon the requirements of the students. Extramarks also offers guidance for innumerable exams of school and college level.


JEE EduRev - IIT JEE Preparation AppThe EduRev app for IIT JEE preparation is highly favorable for students aiming to clarify IIT JEE but are a bit confused about their guides. Every year, the study material of this IIT JEE preparation app is thoroughly revised and updated by a proficient team of experts. These experts check the preparation app for its adherence to the latest guidelines and fixing bugs if any. This IIT JEE preparation app is favorable for the aspirants of exams such as EAMCET, UPSEE AIEEE as well.

This preparation app also offers guidance for school-level exams as well. The study material at EduRev is easy to find due to its tabulated format. There are chapter-wise multiple choice questions for strengthening the concepts of each lesson. Not only this, IIT JEE previous year papers of the last 35 years have been arranged as chapter-wise tests as well. This features the students to practice and gains better experience in handling questions.

JEE Mains and JEE Advance

JEE Mains and Advance - IIT JEE Preparation AppAn interesting feature of this IIT JEE preparation app is the offline availability of the content once it is downloaded. This implies that once a student downloads the content form this IIT JEE preparation app, it will available for use to him even when he is not online. This feature makes JEE Mains and JEE Advanced a favored IIT JEE preparation app. This app also has a feature of increase speed section. In this section, time-bound tests are given to the students and it helps them to gain accuracy along with speed.

Each IIT JEE aspirants is free to download the free of cost IIT JEE mock test and gain their AIR for each test taken. This app has a leaderboard which is updated at the end of every month. Students are ranked against each other and are offered insights about their performance. Aspirants for exams like AIEEE, KCET, COMEDK, PJET, and OJEE may also utilize this app for ideal guidance.


Selfstudy - IIT JEE Preparation AppWith a database of more than 1000 animated video lectures for IIT JEE, NEET and school-level exams, Selfstudy is a famous IIT JEE preparation app. The possession of a comprehensive practice question bank which is based upon real exams is one of the prominent reasons behind the wide acceptance of this preparation app. These videos are highly engaging in nature and help the students to learn faster. The previous year questions are also solved and made available for the help of the students.

This IIT JEE preparation app also offers study material for NEET, AIIMS, and AIPMT. This EdTech startup was brought into existence by some IIT alums with a vision of making learning more interesting and most importantly affordable for the students. This IIT JEE preparation app offers an excellent collection of notes. These notes are designed in a manner that a student of any intelligence level can comprehend them with ease.

Etoos India

Etoos India - IIT JEE Preparation AppEtoos India is popular due to its fascinating name and the high-quality study material that it delivers, is an ideal IIT JEE preparation app. It also provides help through video lectures on YouTube. The provision of free notes and mock test series on one platform makes Etoos India an ideal IIT JEE preparation app. A highly-experienced panel of teachers works tirelessly to make sure that there should be no mistake in the study material of the app. An expert team of animators and android developers.

The students are given a free trial to explore video lectures free of cost. A unique feature that makes Etoos India a unique app is the video mock test series that it provides video solutions. This IIT JEE preparation app also guides students for courses like NEET, CBSE, NTSE, and KVPY.


Krakex - IIT JEE Preparation AppAiding for exams like IIT JEE, NEET, BITSAT, MH-CET, and VITEEE is a preparation app by the name of Krakex. This app provides video lectures by the best faculty of India. Multiple mock tests are available for students to practice and enhance their marks. Students are allowed to set their own goals for learning. They may learn at their own pace and develop good grades.

The IIT JEE practice questions are developed after a good research. One is also offered insights about their performance. After they appear for a mock test, the IIT JEE aspirants are given their AIR’s. The students have an option to address their doubts. The faculty gets back to the queries as soon as possible. The development of a students performance is the most important agenda behind the set-up of this IIT JEE preparation app.

Why should we use IIT JEE preparation apps at all?

Conclusion – These IIT JEE preparation apps are highly-informative and helpful for the IIT JEE aspirants. We advise you to install these applications in order to ace your IIT JEE attempt.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s) about IIT JEE preparation apps

1. Are these IIT JEE preparation apps feasible for providing satisfying answers to the queries of students?

Ans: These IIT JEE preparation apps are managed by experts who are available round the clock in solving their doubts and as and when they arise. These apps provide appropriate answers to their questions.

2. In what way do these IIT JEE preparation apps incur a better understanding in comparison to books?

Ans: Visual learning imparts better understanding and you can access these IIT JEE preparation apps on the go hence these apps come handy for studies.

3. Should these IIT JEE preparation apps be relied upon?

Ans: Well, these IIT JEE preparation apps can be relied upon only if the student can maintain regularity in studies.

4. How do these apps keep us ahead in our preparation?

Ans: These apps are developed to facilitate easy and effective learning. As they are developed after thorough research, they are quite reliable and make your practice well.

5. How do these IIT JEE preparation apps help students?

Ans:  These IIT JEE preparation apps help students learn the study material easily and retain it for a long time. These apps provide all the relevant knowledge in an apt manner so that students find it easier to study.

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