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Beyond Classroom – Alternative Pedagogy Taking Learning beyond 4 Walls!

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More than just textbooks, a traditional set up of education exposes tender minds of students to activities and resources. These entities empower the idea of comprehensive educational learning. Moreover, school education is the foundation pillar of a student’s knowledge, perspective, and personality. A combination of these three factors contributes to the holistic growth of a student as his/her best version. While the importance of a defined education paradigm can’t be denied, its application can’t be assured.

On that note, a concerned parent might ask  ‘Does learning extend beyond textbooks and the classroom?’ 

What Pesters Today’s Parents?

In this day and age, parents are keen to know about learning outside the classroom. What sources of information and learning, like projects and hands-on activities, take the student beyond the textbook and classroom? Can the schools equip themselves to manage and nurture a child’s development? And if it is, can they assure a sustainable education? These questions form the basis of parents looking for school admissions in traditional nursery and primary classes.

Fortunately, the experts and teachers at institutions like Ryan International Schools, consider, debate on and answer these questions positively. The institutions like these regularly hold the parent advisory social initiative. Thus, they express the plethora of learning and character-building activities through the offerings to their students. And, this they achieve by participating in discussions and activities beyond the classroom. Very few institutions apart from Ryan International Schools can match the parents’ response on these issues with their curriculum overhaul.

Thought of as the ‘Classrooms without Walls’ pedagogy, schools like these offer a balance between core academic learnings and character-building activities for the students. Such schools also provide Wi-Fi enabled classrooms, well-stocked libraries, fully equipped laboratories, playgrounds, swimming pools, Astroturf, auditoria, smart boards and so much more. As for the cultural intonation and skills, these schools offer their students specialist teaching in Media, Art, Music, and Dance.

The Benefits Availed by the Students

Such educational institutions help enrich a student’s life with a wide range of trans-disciplinary activities. These activities go beyond the basic requirements of the curriculum and enhance students’ learning experience.

Schools as these provide the right direction and guidance. Consequently, such initiatives are instrumental in enhancing the personality of a student. Furthermore, on combining that with the dynamic curriculum, the students stand a better chance to experience growth in multiple directions with technological advancements including Smartboards, Wi-Fi connectivity, and particularly the Atal Tinkering labs (ATLs), when talking of the schools in India.

With initiatives as ATL, parents can witness the innovative and creative sides of its students. These endeavors help students tackle prolonged societal issues. For example, issues like the availability of water and electricity encourage students’ planning in an economical way. Moreover, these also lend them the visionary perspective for making them commercially applicable. While this enhances vivid imagination in a student, it also reflects a sense of understanding about the social issues.

The Driving Force behind this Yeoman Service

The rehashed curriculum of these institutions fuel, and rather inspire the attainment of these values. These curricula try to increase the interactive quotient of textbook knowledge. For this, these schools use specialist teachers, field trips, and similar initiatives to diversify the learnings of a student. Thus, they help the students understand the concepts better. Moreover, they simultaneously enable them to develop a perspective on life skills and issues.

Most of these aspects play a pivotal role in the holistic development of a child. Still, in traditional institutions, they are often side-tracked in favor of organized camps leaving students bereft of learning or joy.

Break those Walls!

Learning inside the classroom is as important as maintaining the exposure of breaking these barriers and experiencing the outer world. Even the parents are considerate and constantly looking for an environment that helps the student grasp the best-understanding subject intricacies with adequate awareness about its implementation. That said, the pedagogy, education and the initiative taken by the institutions as Ryan Schools make them a favorite amongst parents seeking admissions in primary/nursery education for their children.

When thinking about making your ward learn outside the classroom, you as a parent need to take a stern decision. You may even ponder over breaking the walls of the traditional class, well, not literally but, figuratively! As a parent, you must always remember that the free-flowing breeze only fosters the youthful perspective of a child. After all, you can’t leave your midgets bereft of these advantages!

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