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Different Types of Medical Office Jobs

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Are you trying to figure out what good jobs you can do in a medical office? Read this article to learn about good medical office jobs.

Medical office jobs are often in high demand. They require a unique set of skill sets and availability but can be very stable, promising career paths. Medical office jobs are available in both non-clinical and clinical settings.

If you’re interested in working in the health field but don’t know exactly what you’d like to do, take a look at these options to find one that suits you. Below is a shortlist of medical jobs in all settings.

Nurse Practitioners 

Nursing careers are prevalent in the medical field. Nurses play a huge role in managing patients.

They all have different levels of education and roles. Most of them prefer working in medical settings as they are only a few evening and weekend shifts required.

Hospital jobs come with higher pay but come with a disadvantage of working around the clock. Luckily, many nurses love connecting with their recurring patients and attending to them in their recovery process.

Medical Receptionist

They are also referred to as medical administrative secretaries. Medical receptionists are the face of a hospital, and the first people patients interact with.

Medical secretaries have excellent customer service skills, multitasking skills, and great communication skills. They perform basic clerical tasks such as scheduling appointment calls, answering phone calls, and greeting visitors.

Medical receptionists work in dentist’s offices, medical facilities, and physician’s offices.

Medical Coders

Medical coders use medical terminology, diagnosis, physiology, and procedure to translate documentation into standardized codes. Their primary role is maintaining patients’ records and getting insurance reimbursement.

Coding helps the insurance payer understand the illness and medical treatment of the patient.

Medical Biller

Medical billers ensure timely submission of all professional and technical details of insurance companies, including those of nursing homes, healthcare facilities, hospitals, and physician offices.

In a hospital setting, medical billers play a different role compared to home health or other healthcare facilities.

Clinical Documentation Specialist

clinical documentation specialist isn’t one of the most well-known medical office jobs but it is definitely important. These health professional organize paperwork for all the patients that visit a medical center.

They make sure all details are gathered and recorded accurately. A basic understanding of medical terminology, coding, billing and the medical field put you on a good track to receive certification and start this position.

Medical Office Manager

A medical office manager handles the daily operations of a hospital. They make sure that everything is running smoothly from the back office to the front office. He/she assists in scheduling, coordinating staff, office policies, and other procedures.

While some medical managers may have a medical education background such as nursing, in most cases, they start at the non-clinical positions such as medical coders and work their way to the top. In large hospitals, a medical office manager should have a business degree, such as an MBA, to delegate duty and schedule other parties effectively.

This position requires an individual with an eye for detail and the ability to stay organized. It also requires a high emotional intelligence as they will find themselves in the middle of conflicts between employees. Therefore, they must know how to resolve disputes easily.

Medical Interpreters

A medical interpreter plays a critical role in areas with significant diversities. This position is vital when there are patients who understand little or no English. The language barrier is generally rough in other areas, but in a clinical setting, it can be life-threatening.

If patients are unable to understand health information or explain their symptoms clearly to the doctors and nurses the diagnosis may not be accurate. In a hospital setting, an interpreter moves from one place to another within the health facility when a need arises.

Since interpreters speak on behalf of the patients, they are expected to have excellent communication skills.

Medical Assistants 

A medical assistant is the second type of the medical office jobs you’d meet in the hospital after the receptionist. They are responsible for recording vital signs for patients, checking their weight, giving injections, taking blood, and offering a hand in other simple procedures.

Being a medical assistant doesn’t require a high medical, educational background. Therefore, even though the pay may not be as lucrative as other clinical roles and advanced skills, it may be a great place to start and see if you want to pursue a medical career.

The responsibilities of a medical officer vary depending on the size of the clinic and medical offices. In small setups, medical assistants have fewer administrative roles and more nursing duties.

Physician Assistant 

Physician assistants are also referred to as mid-level providers, physician extenders, or PAs. They can perform as many duties as a physician.

This one is one of the most highly paid jobs in the medical field, and it doesn’t require a doctorate. It does, however, take a good amount of time to reach this level, as one must have a master’s degree to play the role.

Although nurse practitioners are also known as mid-level providers, the education requirements are different. A nurse practitioner studies a nursing degree and then studies for one more year to become a mid-level provider. On the other hand, a physician normally attends college for six years or studies for two more years after his/her degree.

Radiologic Technologist

In case your physician needs more data to prescribe medication, he calls the radiologic technologist, also known as an X-ray tech, to obtain a CT scan, X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, etc. This is one of the more technical and scientific medical office jobs.

Radiologic technologists create images for doctors to analyze and make a diagnosis. They also prepare patients for medical procedures, maintain diagnostic equipment, keep patient records, and help with the interpretation of the data.

If this is a position you’re interested in, you’ll need at least a two-year Associate’s degree.

Pharmacy Technicians

Some clinics have pharmacies on the premises to make it easier for the patients. After receiving your prescription, this is usually your last stop.

Pharmacy technicians assist doctors to prepare and distribute medications to patients. Besides filling prescriptions, they work with clients and fill in information when required. They may also deal with solving insurance claims.

Although they are no official requirements of becoming a pharmacist technician, many pharmacists obtain a degree in Postsecondary Certificate before starting their career. This can be attained in nine months.

Start One of These Medical Office Jobs Today

Multiple medical office jobs require different skill sets and education background. Many of them are available on a full-time and part-time basis and offer a wide range of salary options.

The good news is that helping people will always be a need in this world so these jobs are here to stay. For more tips and advice, check out our blog.

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