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Effectiveness of Online Teaching: SWOT Analysis

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It is undeniable that technology has changed different aspects of our lives in more ways than one, including education. This has presented a new opportunity for teachers to sell personal training online. This is specifically true in the form of online teaching. Instructors can not only sell training videos, but they can also use the internet as a teaching platform. In the rest of this post, we will take a look at the detailed analysis of online teaching. By the time you are finished reading, you will most probably be interested in learning how to sell training and development, realizing the potentials of online teaching.


One of the strengths of online teaching is flexibility. As the teacher, you can sell training material online and teach at your own schedule. You do not have a regular day job, and you can work as you wish. It is convenient, and it also presents different opportunities to be creative in your approaches. Through online teaching, you will be able to easily take more jobs, and you will not be restricted to working with a single company.


There are also some drawbacks that are associated with online teaching. For instance, technology can be frustrating for some, especially for older teachers who are used to traditional approaches. If you sell training courses and teach online, you may also end up compromising a number of benefits that are naturally present when you work in an actual educational institution. You will also not have any personal interaction with your students, which will make teaching a lot different.


Teaching online can open a lot of doors, especially for career growth. More than just teaching, you can also sell training material, allowing students to learn at their own pace, even in the absence of supervision. Financially speaking, there are also opportunities to earn more. As long as you are committed to what you do and if you persevere in looking for jobs, you will be able to realize endless opportunities to earn money. It is not uncommon for online teachers to take several jobs. There is also a growth in the number of platforms that can be used for online teaching.


Unfortunately, there are many people who are realizing the benefits of online teaching, which is why competition can be seen as a significant threat. Those who would like to sell personal training online can find it difficult to stand out from the competitive landscape. Also, there are some students who are not willing to forgo classroom-style learning because of fears that online teaching won’t deliver a high level of effectiveness. There are also some online schools that exploit the skills of teachers, offering substandard pay.

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