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How To Improve Vocabulary And Spoken English

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Do you speak english?

English is an extremely important language which is a must know in this age of millennials. This is not only an important business language but also required for quality education, but also for sustenance in this world during this time.

Many a time people have raised this question, on how they can improve their spoken English and vocabulary? Improving one’s English is not that difficult a task and can be easily achieved if the right approach is followed.
There is not set answer to this question but we can try to solve this problem by these small steps which may prove of some help.

1- Read Newspaper Daily
Subscribing a decent newspaper is very important. As it not just strengthens your vocabulary, but also strengthens your general knowledge and command over current affairs. If you have a medium English control, then start with a newspaper like Times of India or Indian Express, After some time you can then go for a newspaper like The Hindu which is often associated with a little arbitrary and difficult level of English.
Also, subscribe to magazines like Reader’s Digest or any other of your choice as you will get their words which are commonly used.

2- Carry The Right Dictionary
There are many dictionaries available in the market, so choosing the right one is important. There are many online websites too. Go for dictionaries like Merriam-Webster or Oxford. Their official websites can be used as well.
Also, online dictionaries like and can be helpful.

3- Read As Much As You Can
Read good novels in English of your interest. Reading is not enough, so it is important that you sit with a dictionary and a pencil, mark down the words know their meaning then and there.

4- Watch English Movies, TV series, and News
Watch some good English documentaries, movies and listen to English songs keenly. Try and get their way of pronunciation right by listening closely.

5- Converse in English Regularly
Try and converse in English no matter how difficult it maybe. You may sound stupid at first, but constantly keep using all the new words that you learn in English. Slowly and gradually you may finally start keeping track of it.

6- Read Correct English Speaking Aid Books
Out of many “learn English books”, know the right ones to follow. Book by Norman Lewis is the most recommended one which can be followed. Also, there are good books recommended by the British Embassy and can be followed.

These are some steps which can be followed by anyone. With constant and timely practice it is for sure that anybody can speak fluent and effortless English in no time.
There are many helping websites and book available online which can help you in attaining this feat. However. it is only suggested that there is no replacement to self-study or working on one’s self. Be regular with your practice, be determine to learn and make sure you do not get deterred by people making fun of you learning English since this will happen to you a lot.

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By Arushi Tyagi

Pursuing BBA from Sri Sri University, I am a person for whom the nation comes first. With a firm belief in self, I am de...more

Pursuing BBA from Sri Sri University, I am a person for whom the nation comes first. With a firm belief in self, I am determined to reach any heights that I dream of. less

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