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How to Write Your Essay in Three Stages

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All students have to write different types of essays. The diversity of essays impresses and each is specific after its own fashion. Every type has a different purpose and many students complain that it confuses them. Nonetheless, it’s quite easy to compose essays correctly. They have much in common and can be written in three stages.

Of course, you are free to buy assignment online to solve your issues. Nonetheless, we recommend trying to complete your essays on your own first. They all have the same structure and mechanism of accomplishment. Consider three major stages and a few steps in each section.

1. Preliminary.

a) Topic selection;

b) Researching;

2. Writing.

a) Outlining;

b) Drafting;

3. Post-Writing.

a) Revising;

b) Improving;

Now, we’ll shed some light on each stage.

Preparing to Write

Your preliminary stage begins with a selection of your main question or topic. Many students get instantly stuck at this stage. They aren’t able to come up with an interesting idea. If you have the same trouble, visualize and brainstorm the possible topics.

Write a diagram. Choose a certain word and write down all the associations related to it. Refine the list and make the final decision. Mind that you’re supposed to focus on a currently relevant issue, which has no clear solution by now. Your goal is to find the missing solution.

The second step is to find supporting materials. You must provide trustworthy and official evidence to support your theory. Always verify the sources you intend to use in your academic papers. However, such projects as a personal statement, scholarship, reflexive, narrative and similar essays are non-scientific. If you’re assigned any of them, it’s not required to seek evidence. Everything depends on your personal viewpoint and experience.

Writing the Main Sections

After all the preparations are fulfilled, you have the topic and appropriate information, craft an outline. It organizes the entire process and saves precious time. Set plain deadlines for the introduction, main plot, and conclusion. Make sure you don’t run out of time.

The introductory part provides readers with general information about your research. It’s important to ignite the interest of your readers to your writing. Implement a great attention grabber. It may exist in the form of a rhetorical question, anecdote, quotation, a shocking statement, etc. At the end of the introduction, you should implement a thesis statement.

The main plot develops the main message of your research. It should be divided into at least three paragraphs if your essay is 500 words long. Their number increases in accordance with the length of the essay. The main plot must provide approved examples that your theory is effective. Don’t try to cram everything at once. If you have three paragraphs, cover one sub-thesis at a time. Otherwise, you risk messing everything up.

The concluding section ought to present clear outcomes of your assignment. Afterward, interpret the outcomes in your own words. Express the perspectives and major benefits you offer your readers. Don’t be afraid to confess if your research was incomplete. If you haven’t managed to find all the answers, promise to provide them in future research.

Checking and Submitting

The third stage is also responsible. You ought to revise and improve your paper. It’s necessary to reread your essay at least twice. If you have more time, do it three or four times. Thus, you’ll be confident you didn’t miss any weak parts or some awful mistakes.

To edit your projects properly, use different methods. Read aloud, in your head and/or from the end to the beginning. All these methods are effective to spot some drawbacks. Besides, you may ask other people to read your essay. Your parents or friends may be quite gifted in writing to tell what’s wrong. Finally, make use of special checking applications. They scan texts very quickly and detect plagiarized elements, as well as spelling, grammar, stylistic or punctuation errors. After everything is cleared, submit the final copy.

Don’t forget about our recommendations. Thus, you’ll definitely avoid a lot of issues and properly plan the process of writing. Improve your skills, planning, and organization to save time and improve the academic score.

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