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Prepare general awareness for Bank Exams

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Prepare general awareness for Bank Exams

The general awareness section is called by different names in different bank exams. For instance, it is a part of bank clerk exams and tests for different bank job positions. However, the purpose of this section is to test the general knowledge of test takers. The questions in this section can be from current events, society, current affairs, etc. These general questions will help you in

The questions in this section can be from current events, society, current affairs, etc. In your upcoming bank exams, these questions will help you.

Why is general awareness section important?

Mostly, banks wish to test the candidates’ general knowledge about different niches. The questions in this section will evaluate the presence of mind of the test takers. They should keep themselves updated about the latest things happening around them. In this process, they should pay special attention towards the banking sector. This section is important because it will help candidates to increase their overall score with ease. With many good resources available online, keeping updated is not tough for candidates.

What types of questions are asked?

In addition to banking, candidates should develop their knowledge of sports, politics, etc… Here is the list of types of questions they can expect:

  • Current affairs
  • Budget and 5-year plans
  • Sports
  • Honors and awards
  • Abbreviations
  • International and national organizations
  • Important dates
  • Inventions and discoveries
  • Authors and books
  • Who’s who
  • Major economic and finance news

Useful study materials:

There are good many study materials that will help candidates to prepare well for the General Awareness Section. Reading newspapers and listening to television news will help candidates in keeping updated on current events. Also, they can also rely on newspapers, magazines, and bank-related websites to keep updated on the latest events. The others sources to keep themselves strong with the basics of certain concepts are NCERT books and Manorama year book.

Tips to prepare for general awareness section:

  • Increase speed: The best thing candidates can do is to improve their reading speed to perform better in this section.
  • Reading newspapers will help: Newspapers hold a lot of importance in preparing for this section. If a candidate is weak in English, it is better to read English newspapers to learn new words and sentences. He/she should make it a habit to read two newspapers one in English and one in mother tongue. This will help them understand English better. In addition, it will also help with increasing the reading speed.
  • To know the current happenings around the world, they can just watch television news for at least 15 minutes on a daily basis.
  • They should create their own notes, such that they can go through them before the examination.
  • Just take up many mock tests. They will help the candidates in understanding their stand. Also, if any improvements are to be made, they can make them accordingly.


In addition to general awareness, the banking theory and awareness will also be tested. So, candidates should prepare on them as well. They can find many useful books online to help them with the preparation for this section. Candidates can get placed in their dream banking job with good preparation and practice.

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