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Is science stream the most promising stream as showcased?

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Well , this a widely debated topic these days weather science is the best stream or something else  before we go on to talk about this we should acquaint ourselves with some facts regarding the same, around 75% students in India want humanities as a stream  in their colleges along side other streams which are provided by the college authorities ,  choosing engineering as a profession is also somehow an outcome of choosing science as a career option and what we are seeing today is , a lot of engineering graduates end up being either a manager , somebody a blank official etc but not an engineer , a simple reason being that too many student opting for it and as  a result we have more  60% engineers with proper  degree unemployed today .

The dogma that probably persists today on a wide scale regarding education is that , the society believes that science stream makes a student’s profile more rich and is a superior career option than any other  stream . Quite obviously we know that this is  just a mere orthodox thought without any facts supporting it. The demand for commerce today is too high , rather more importantly the scopes are not limited in any stream . The simple fact that, things have changed with time and demands too along with it  but our education system has not been able to change itself with the changing time which is the reason why even this topic put to discussion  is in existence today .

If there is any reason why we are not producing skilled professionals is that we have failed to recognize the real potentials of an individual and have always pressed on him/her to choose a stream which is more renowned rather than giving the liberty to the individual about in which area he or she can really excel in. There is no such thing  that  every science student will be a scholar and others can’t be . The current scenario is evident that craze for science is facing a  decline and other streams are making way which may be a symbol that we are realizing the ultimate truth about education and shedding our orthodox thoughts.

The least we can do is to motivate people around us to go with their interest and not with the world. The education ministry should really try hard to make transforms in the education system and make it more flexible system than it is right now so that it can accommodate more opportunities for all streams by forecasting the wide range of possibilities available in all other streams available today and help us progress towards the making of  better India , an educated India.

We should not forget that liberty to choose can make difference between being PHENOMENAL and BEING FORGOTTEN.

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Page Title : Is science stream the most promising stream as showcased?

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