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Tips to crack CAT comprehension Passages

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I am sure that when you came across with CAT’s comprehensive passage for the first time you might have given a thought that is it authored by Shakespeare. It is for sure that the level of vocabulary used in CAT comprehensive passages is at its utmost, and half of the content goes above the head. One thing you must have observed for sure is that none of the CAT comprehensive passages are biased towards the subject. i.e. It is written in complete passive tone.

Here are the few things to consider when dealing with CAT comprehensive passages:

  1. The passage is completely written in the passive tone, to which it is difficult to determine biasedness of the author. It is important for the reader to understand where the author is trying to mend the whole paragraph towards. The first task while reading the passage is to make a small conclusion of each paragraph.
  1. Most of the words will be very difficult to read, to which it is important to sharpen the knife prior itself. I have found that most of the articles use vocabulary of seventeenth or Eighteenth century, which makes the content look a bit un-relatable.The best way to start is to imply five new words in your regular conversation, and use every word at least three times. If we see the math here, you are learning 5 new words everyday (considering you start preparing six months prior the test), you have already added 900 plus words in your thesaurus.
  2. Another vital tip is to refer authors who use the highest levels of vocabularies. Some of the renowned authors in this field are James Joyce, Vladimir Nabokov, Thomas Pynchon and more.Speaking about James Joyce, his book “Ulysses” itself has more than 30,000 unique words. On the other hand, Thomas Pynchon has a unique way of writing that involves a lot of brain Power, it is quite evident in his famous book “Mason & Dixon”.

Finally, I would like to conclude my article on three key points:

  • Keep upgrading your Vocabulary. Vocabularies are one of the biggest challenges in understanding passages.
  • Don’t tend to lose the habit of reading. By reading more you will have a better understanding and interpretation of different authors.
  • Always draw a small bias conclusion about the passage, which helps in answering questions in a direction.

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