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Tips to Increase Aptitude

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Aptitude and reasoning are some very important sections for any exams especially the one relating to higher studies since they not only test the thinking ability but also the reason skills, the presence of mind and brain processing too. The statistics reveal that 70 percent of world’s recruitment companies use aptitude test as a part of their recruitment procedure. These types of tests often permit potential companies to learn more about candidate’s personality and abilities. This is really significant as the recruitment is not all about what one needs or what one wants, or how they prepare for interviews. Employers wish to be certain that they are going to recruit the right individual who is able to work with company’s clients and build up a reputation. An inappropriate worker could probably add to the cost of the firm, in terms of money, time as well as effort.
Aptitude is one section common to these papers which require nothing but practice. The approach to solving aptitude is 3 fold ie, practicing, right material and the right approach.

5 simple and easy tips to solve aptitude and reasoning questions:

1- Chose the right material- Not all the reasoning and aptitude material available is correct or for that matter relevant to your exam. Take some time to filter the right books and right sources for your aptitude material. One way of choosing this is by seeing how diverse and dynamic the questions are in the book. More diverse the questions, better the book.

2- Practice as much as possible: Your competitor is prepared, so you have to be too. Make sure that you devote quality time to your practice. Aptitude and reasoning are areas where you have to build more logic and IQ than concepts. So the best approach to solving these questions like professionals is to practice hard and practice smart.

3- Focus- Focus on the areas you find hardest. Put maximum efforts there and make sure that whatever the sum be, you crack it wise and nice.

4- Practice Real time- Practice under the exam conditions, ie the same time limit, same format, mode of appearing (paper or online) etc. This will give you the patience to sit through the actual exam without any difficulty and will act as a rehearsal for the D-day!

5- Learn to Move on- Yes, no matter how important the question is if you get stuck there, leave it and attempt the next one and like this come back to it and work on it again. This helps in saving time and lets you attempt the easy and scoring questions first. After all, we have to attempt 10 easy questions, not 2 tough ones!

Books to use:

Reasoning and Aptitude by R.S Agarwal

Puzzles to puzzle you and More puzzle to puzzle you by Shakuntala Devi

These two books are the bible to aptitude building at an early stage before you actually start preparing for your exam. They can be done during lunch hour, free periods or travel. As easy and precise they are, they are also equally challenging and fun to solve.

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By Arushi Tyagi

Pursuing BBA from Sri Sri University, I am a person for whom the nation comes first. With a firm belief in self, I am de...more

Pursuing BBA from Sri Sri University, I am a person for whom the nation comes first. With a firm belief in self, I am determined to reach any heights that I dream of. less

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