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Vigyan aur Gyan

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Vigyan ka Gyan sab ke pass hi??

The most promising option is the science in every house whenever there is time to choose subject major from available options and SCIENCE is always at first. If it would be reality than there will not be so much jokes on engineers and doctors. I am very much surprised to know that whenever a student gets above 80 per cent that time it is God Grace that he will be a good doctor and engineer, and below 80 he will be either in clerk or and teacher after completing graduation from Arts specialization.

The career is not determined by this factor that in which specialization you are but it depends upon you. You are the creator and destroyer of your own life. The specialization which you are going to choose must be of your interest otherwise it will be best atomic war on your brain after some time and would pull down you to Zero.

Every decision in life matters if is related to your long term career. Short term career decision does not affect as much as long term. You and I cannot take the chance to try each option at least once and then decide which one will be best suitable. Birth and death is one time likewise selection of best option is also one time.

There are many people around us who give us the free Gyan and Annu ante’s session is famous among these free gyan session. This type of character always come to us to give free assistance without demand.

The best thing happens in life of someone when Father ask to become a Doctor, Big Brother ask to become an Athlete and Uncle ask to become a successful Businessman. These people always see you as a mirror who will do whatever they did not able to do in past. They always see you as an endeavour which they did not able to do.

I am not against the endeavour that your parents having but you should look this other way round. You should bring the new dreams to them and ask your parents to see these dreams which are more big and beautiful than the earlier ones.

It will happen in the same way in which someone earlier want you to do something which you do not want to do but he is trying to build the base for watching dreams. Now it is time to see something which will change you as well as the lives of your near and dear ones.

The both the dreams you are watching with open eyes but the second one is more realistic and it must be so accurate and realistic that it helps the others to understand that what you want to do in life at your own terms.

I also want you to think about a line “On my Terms” even it is a title of very good book but it also has some importance in every one’s life. You should define the ways which are your liking and which will help you to go ahead in life and do something which will keep you as feather on cap in crowd.

In long run everyone will need your skills because you are expertise in these. These are the skills which are of your choice and passion.

Go with Dream


Stay with Reality

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