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What Tools Can Help Improve Your Writing Skills

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Writing is not an easy task to do. Writer’s block and loss of vocabulary are real problems that every writer in the world may have encountered every now and then. Furthermore, a writer considers a lot of things, such as the tone, the style, and the conciseness of the article.

With this matter at hand, it is essential to know a few tools that can help improve the writer’s productivity and the output’s satisfactory level. While others think that having one tool to help them is already enough, writers who aim for more should know that more is always better.

Knowing more than one useful writing tool will also help the writer check and balance the output. With the difference in algorithms, other tools may not be able to detect problems that other tools can.

Anyone with talent has a lot of room for improvement, especially when with the right supporting tools. There are tons of writing tools in the market, but here are a few of the most efficient writing tools for all races, ages, and personalities.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

For starters, looking for a topic is a total bane. However, apps like HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator is a sure savior. It is one of the most straightforward idea generators in the market, and it has lived up to its fame up to present.

By inputting at least five nouns in the search bar, the software automatically gives tons of ideas in a matter of less than a minute. This idea generator prides the fact that it can stipulate content ideas good for more than a couple of months.

It is a popular tool, especially in the SEO world, as it can generate loads of topics for refreshing keywords and unique content. Even more, the program is totally free and accessible to anyone.


Grammarly is one of the most powerful writing tools in the market. With its continuously advancing program, the application has been flexible to collaborate with other branded writing essentials such as Google Docs and Microsoft.

The software that was first released back in 2009 has reached a high statute as a writing tool. Grammarly allows you to check the conciseness, clarity, tone, and style of the article. It also suggests vocabulary improvement as it detects synonyms for commonly used words. As a result, Grammarly helps make the write up look appealing and easy to understand.

While it’s true that Grammarly helps much in correcting minor errors, it still has mishaps as it functions on AI. When writers are too dependent on the corrections of the software, it leads to a misinterpreted sentence or even a wrong grammatical arrangement – as ironic as that may seem.

Wordcount Tool

When wanting to know the difficulty level of the article, this online word counter tool can do more than just counting the write-up’s number of words. It can check the readability of the paragraph with its Flesch reading program. The algorithm translates long sentences with a higher difficulty level and shorter ones with lower scores.

Additionally, its Word Frequency program also detects common words in the article. It allows the writer to check the repetitiveness of one’s vocabulary. This online software also helps streamline the number of characters in an article.

When on a limit, Wordcount Tool can help monitor the number of words and characters religiously. Not to mention, the interface is also very friendly to any writer.

Google Docs

In a world where everything is densely packed in cloud storage, Google Docs has made a remarkable name in the industry. Google has become not only the largest search engine but also one of the biggest cloud networks.

Google Docs is available for any smart gadget that comes in different types of processors and software. All files online can be accessed through the mobile app and vice versa.

The app is very friendly to writers who travel a lot. So, anyone can write even when they are paragliding somewhere in Africa. Documents made offline are automatically synced to the cloud storage once connected to the internet. As a result, it is more accessible for online sharing and other online repertoires.


Every writer is a person filled with so many potentials. Writer’s block, loss of words, and other writer issues shouldn’t stop writers from writing. There are so many writing tools in the market that can help any writers overcome their own writing burdens.

However, writers should remember that these tools should do only 20% of the work. These applications are supposed to help hone the article for the better, not to butcher it to fit an AI’s standard totally. At the end of every article, the writer’s decision in style and tone should be the final decision.

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