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9 Things to Know Before Studying in Australia

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9 Things to know before studying in Australia

Australia has 8 of the top 100 universities in the world. No wonder it attracts students from around the world and has the highest number of foreign students. The friendly nature, high living standards, and the excellent educational opportunities Australia offers are some of the reasons why students flock here to get an education. Not as easy as it sounds, studying in Australia does require some prior research and preparations before you land in Australia.

This article provides you with insight into things you should be aware of before choosing to studying in Australia as a study abroad destination. We have come up with the 9 most important things to know before studying in Australia. Interested in knowing How to Save Money While Studying Abroad?

Study the Country

The best way to know about any country is to first seek information from people who have been to that place. Australia is no different in this regard.  A 30-minute conversation with someone who has lived in that place will reap a far better payoff than surfing through the net.

Alternatively, one may seek first-hand information on the country from career counselors and university representatives

Bag Packing

For packing up, it is well worth the time to study the weather and climate to prevent any sorts of trouble, especially during the winters. As seasons flip, Australia experiences winters during the months of June, July, and August, while the climate stays warm during the period from December to February.

Therefore, for spring admission candidates, it is highly advised to pack up warm clothing kinds of stuff like sweaters, cardigans, and jackets. Additionally, students must ensure that they carry all the relevant documents and visas and enough prescription drugs for the length of the stay.

Consider these Nine Factors before You go for Studying in Australia

Embrace the Australian Culture

Culturally Australia is vastly different from India. With over 200 different languages and dialects and tolerance in accepting people from across the globe, the land promotes a rich diversity of minds and workforce. A general understanding of the local dialect will prove to be of immense help while going for traveling and shopping.

The nation promotes a spirit of equality that embraces mutual respect and tolerance among the people. A basic knowledge of history and political background of the country will be an added advantage. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship provides you with a list of frequently asked questions about Australian day-to-day life and culture. 

General Economy

Get a general idea about the currency exchange rates, interests, and transaction charges in Australia. Do carry sufficient amount of money considering these factors. Find an ATM and also open a bank account at the earliest. It will allow you to pay the bills and keep your money safe; prevent you from exorbitant banking charges by your home bank account. 


To find a place to stay in Australia, you need to register with international affairs ministry and the Indian embassy. This will legalize your stay in Australia and help you in getting temporary residency within 24 to 48 hours.

Australian universities provide little or no university housing and most students in Australia, therefore, live off-campus through home-stay programs, hostels, or rental properties. To avail discounts please also register with International Student Identity Card (ISIC) or download the app for further information.

Top 8 Universities in Australia

Earn While You Learn

Australia allows students to work up to 40 hours every 2 weeks while the course is in session, or work for unrestricted hours during any course break, provided your visa allows you to work. Some colleges also provide job notice boards both on campus and online to assist further in this regard.

International Calling

To mitigate your expenses calling using Skype or Viber will enable you to have a video chat for free. Other social networking sites can also assist in keeping the interaction active with friends, peer groups, and parents. 


Since Melbourne and Sydney are profoundly costly when it comes to traveling, an ideal approach to travel is utilizing transports like buses, trams, and trains. The ISIC card will be of great help during times of travel, shopping, and dining out.

Medical Information and Health Insurance

The Australian government will ensure that you’ve got all your necessary vaccinations and information of any medications that need to be transferred to an Australian pharmacy. You need to check on this information from the college you are seeking admission into.

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