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5 Last Minute Tips to Score Well in CBSE Board Exams

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With the onset of the board exams, there is an intense nervousness in the atmosphere. The CBSE and other students of class X and XII are under immense pressure to perform well in the board exams, as it is said to lay the foundation for a successful career. Therefore, it is only natural for students to feel anxious as so much depends on their performance in this exam.

Naturally, any amount of preparation is never enough.

In this article, we share some last-minute tips that will help you prepare well for your CBSE Board exams.

Create a priority list for revision

Although it may sound like a simple task, it is a very important one. Making a list of all the chapters/ questions that you need to do first can really organize your thoughts and make your end goal clearer.  Needless to say, the feeling of having ticked off an item off your to-do list also makes you feel less burdened.

To make this priority list for last-minute revision, create afresh plan that covers all chapters. However, the plan should be such that the time spent on a particular chapter is directly proportional to its weightage.

This way, you can spend more quality time on important things rather than cramming blindly and expect great results.

Skip the textbooks & bring out those class notes

You know you’ve dropped the ball. It’s already too late to study from the textbooks. Now, you have a limited amount of time and wasting it on browsing through those enormous chapters is going to do you no good. Instead, bring out those class notes (usually these notes are prepared and distributed by the teacher and have all the important bits of information summarized for you.) and go through the summarized information that is much easier to remember.

Solve at least  2 mock tests in a time-bound manner

Since this is the eleventh hour, chances are that you do not have much time to solve sample question papers or to take chapter-wise quizzes. However, we highly recommend solving at least 2 mock tests (time-bound) to boost up your preparation.  Doing this will not just help you understand where you stand but also help you know the trends, remember answers and manage –time better.

Refrain from learning anything new at the last moment

Learning something new at the last moment may lead to confusion and unnecessary burden. Therefore you must refrain from doing this and focus on revising only what you already know.  Also, do not refer to any new books and be thorough with concepts in NCERT textbooks

Get enough sleep

Pulling all-nighters for studying may seem like the best thing to do at the last minute but it definitely it isn’t. Staying up late is, in fact, bad for your health and also affects your ability to memorize notes. Instead, get a good sleep of at least six hours on the night prior to your exam and stay away from caffeine.

As they say, “A restless mind can take you places, but a rested mind will take you where you want to go,” and you would definitely love to go to great results, won’t you?

Follow these simple last minute tips and be ready to earn amazing results that you can check on CBSE results are expected to be announced in May 2019.

Happy studying!

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