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Educational Apps That Works for Everyone

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Educational Apps

Providing education to your children can seem like an endless, daunting and sometimes overwhelming task. Putting our efforts to make the kids concentrate and understand concepts can sometimes be challenging. However, there are several ways you can engage your child’s mind, actively encouraging them to want to learn and to helping them gain a comprehensive understanding on most subjects. Technology has come a long way over the last decade. Nowadays, there’s a broad spectrum of educational apps that can help you to mentally stimulate your children, giving them the best opportunities to learn.

To give you a helping hand, here is a list of some of the best tools available today;

Cool Mathlogo.png

This website contains a vast collection of maths, science, literacy and geography style games. These are designed to engage your children while teaching them all about each subject. There are even quizzes and awards to be earned as your students’ progress through the stages. Perfect for home or classroom use!


One of the best educational apps, this is actually an online community that harnesses the benefits of social media platforms to allow you access to personalized classrooms suitable for any kind of teaching situation. You can even connect with parents and other teachers to collaborate on projects and discuss tips and give advice.




An online database that contains thousands and thousands of online articles and explanatory videos and pictures on how things in this world work. This gives your students an insightful look into the world around them. Use the built-in search feature to find anything you want to know. Perfect for those impulsive students’ questions that you don’t know the answer to!

Raz KidsRaz-Kids

Looking for an educational app that will help your students reading skills? Raz Kids grants you access to a vast range of mini online books. These books are suitable for all ages and provide an entire curriculum of reading lessons. Students and teachers have the ability to log in and record and monitor each student’s progress.


Another educational app, LightSail is a dedicated e-reader app that is home to over 80,000 unique texts. Using the online analytics software, you and your students can track their reading progress and can even earn achievements along the way! As a teacher or educator, you can even setup challenges and test for your students to positively encourage reader and friendly competition.


Developed by the brainboxes at MIT, this project is a basic programming language that is specifically designed to educate children and students about the basic concepts of various subjects, allowing them to creatively transform these concepts into games, music, and works of art.


An online tool that enables you to educate and practice phonics with your children and students. This is achieved through a vast range of highly interactive stories and games. There is a wide variety of games to choose from that cover subjects such as reading, and maths.


If you’re looking for an up-to-date and modern way to control your classroom, PowerSchool has everything you need. From classroom seating plans and individual student behavior to class attendance records and grading systems, this is an all-in-one kit to revolutionize classrooms as you know it. There are even dedicated mobile apps so you have complete access to your classroom, no matter where you are.

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