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Best Career Options in Government Sector

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Let Your Restlessness Stunt by Working in the Government

There was a time in India when people were ready to give anything in return for a Government job. Today, the options available to youngsters are more, but a Government job retains its charm. Parents would love their children to get Government jobs as soon as they complete their education. The reasons for preferring Government jobs to the private ones are many. Let us look at the best career options in the Government sector.

Why Prefer a Government Job

A Government job has its advantages. Here are some of them that make people yearn for Government jobs.

  • Government job guarantees job security. The chances of lay-off are negligible.
  • Government jobs, as per popular perception, pay well. There are attractive perquisites like PF, VPF, pension, medical benefits, Leave Travel Concession, and so on. Besides, the concept of CPI-linked Dearness Allowance is not available anywhere else. You get additional benefits like House Rent Allowance and City Compensatory Allowance, and so on.

Today, you have the private sector matching the Government sector in providing monetary benefits, but they fall short in providing job security. Therefore, there is nothing to beat a Government job in matters concerning job security and stability.

There are many exciting opportunities for youngsters to get Government jobs. However, one needs to clear entrance tests to be eligible for Government jobs. These entrance tests can be challenging, but one can clear it with the right kind of preparation.

Different Kinds of Public Sector Organizations

The Best Career Options in Government Sector

Indian Administrative Services

The IAS is one of the most sought after Government professions in India. The post of an IAS officer not only provides excellent remuneration but also offers excellent prestige. An IAS officer has a respectable position in society. The perquisites and benefits available to IAS officers are more valuable than their salaries. Aspirants have to clear the IAS Entrance examinations or the UPSC Exam to be eligible to apply for the job. The preparation for the UPSC Main Exam entails that one should have updated knowledge in various fields including politics, economics, and history.

Indian Foreign Services

Indian Foreign Services (IFS) is a branch of Indian Administrative Services where the aspirants get a chance to represent India in a foreign nation. Therefore, one should be ready to pack their bags and shift base to a foreign country if they wish to join the IFS. The perquisites will commensurate with the posting you get. Aspirants should clear the UPSC Exam to be eligible to apply for the IFS. One has to be adept at the English language. Besides, one needs to be well versed in subjects like economics, technology, governance, and so on. You IFS posting can take you to various foreign countries.

Indian Revenue Services

Both IAS and IFS require job aspirants to have political acumen. However, not everyone has an interest in politics. Such people can try for the Indian Revenue Services. One can get excellent-paying jobs in the Income Tax Department, Comptroller and Auditor General Office, and so on. These jobs also pay well and come with excellent perquisites. One has to prepare well for the UPSC Exam and clear the challenging interview as well to be eligible for these posts.

Defense Sector

The Indian Defence Sector consists of three arms, the Army, Navy, and the Air Force. A non-commissioned or a commissioned officer in the defense sector is a fantastic job opportunity. This sector allows undergraduates to apply as cadets in the defense services. Aspirants have to clear the National Defence Academy exams to be eligible for a job in the defense sector. If you wish to join in a higher cadre, you have to clear the Officer’s Training Academy exams. Both these posts require you to have high levels of fitness. Clearing the fitness tests is mandatory. This sector has non-combative posts such as civilian postings. One has to clear the State Service Board examinations to be eligible for such civilian positions in the defense sector.

Indian Police Services

The Indian Police Services (IPS) is similar to the IAS and the IFS. One has to clear the UPSC Exam and choose the IPS stream to be eligible for an IPS job. These jobs require decent levels of fitness. Hence, the aspirants should also fitness tests before securing their postings. This job is a highly transferable job. If you are ready to move from one city to another at short notice, the IPS is a good bet. Similarly, you can apply for the paramilitary forces such as BSF, CRPF, CISF, and so on. The eligibility process is similar.

Indian Railways

The Indian Railways is the largest Government sector recruiter in India today. Aspirants have to appear for the entrance examinations conducted by the respective Railway Boards. The Indian Railways has been fragmented into 17 zones, for the sake of proper management. Each one of them conducts entrance examinations to recruit staff in various cadres in their respective zones.

Largest Private and Semiprivate Employers of the World (As Per 2017)

State Public Service Commission

The State Public Service Commission works similarly to the UPSC. One can get good-paying jobs in the State Government offices after clearing the respective entrance examination. The salary and perquisites are less than that of the Central Government Officers, but there is adequate job security.

Bank Probationary Officers

India has a large number of nationalized banks. These banks require officer staff in large quantities. Aspirants can take the examinations conducted by the IBPS for selection for the post of Bank PO in the nationalized banks. Similarly, State Bank of India and Reserve Bank of India have their individual entrance exams.

We have seen eight different Government sectors that provide excellent job opportunities. Most of them require aspirants to clear the UPSC exam. Hence, one should prepare well for this exam after completing their graduation. You could end up with a secure and well-paying job with the Government of India.

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