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Ensuring Holistic Development of Students in School

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The schooling stage in an individual’s life is perhaps the most important phase, as it introduces a young child to a social world outside his or her home. Staying away from their parents all through the day, the children not only acquire basic knowledge that prepares him for the world ahead, but they also learn important lessons of independence, mutual trust and understanding, and social manners, along with many other aspects of life that we may consider normal, but unless taught in the right manner, will never be practiced.

While being at school, your child not only improves his knowledge but his life and truthfully, there are many more aspects (for eg. staying organized in a school) other than academics that are needed to lead a happy and fulfilling life. This is the reason why schools need to be more focused on holistic development of the children rather than just pushing them to become good academicians.

The Holistic Approach to Education

The holistic approach to teaching has recently gained wide acceptance and has completely revolutionized the education system. And with that happening, more and more schools are organizing extra activities for students within and after school hours. Included in these extra activities are games and sports, along with other activities that focus on enhancing the inner talents and creativity in children.

Off late, both parents and teachers want more from children’s education. Every child needs to be engaged in activities that are in tune with their unique needs and skills so that they can develop into self-confident individuals who are ready to face the challenges of life. With studies, extracurricular activities help the all-round development of a child’s personality, something that is actually the need of the hour!

Benefits of Including Extra Curricular Activities in School

What are the benefits of including Extracurricular Activities in School?

When there are extra activities for students in schools, children have an opportunity to identify their hidden talents and to improve their skills. From sports, music, and drama to personality development and community service programs, all have quite an impact on the overall development of children. Listed below are some of the benefits that children derive from extracurricular activities:

Help Build Skills apart from Academics

While academics are important, having other interests is equally essential. They say, ‘all work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. The ‘play’ here can refer to some productive extracurricular activities.

Broaden your Child’s Perspective

Many times, children don’t realize their interests and skills simply because there is no opportunity for them to engage in such activities. Extracurricular activities allow children to explore their interests and this helps in broadening their perspective of the world.

Holistic education reaps the below benefits to students

Build a Child’s Social Personality

Being a part of a group or activity helps your child meet other children with similar interests. This allows them to potentially build friendships outside their classrooms, thereby improving their social standing. This is also a great way to boost confidence and develop a socially apt personality.

Schools should try to incorporate extra activities into their curriculum to nurture holistic development in children. Most of the International schools are helping to improve children’s future by doing this. Just focusing on the syllabus may produce rote learners, but not future leaders. Also, parents should make an effort to ensure that they put their children into those schools that give equal importance to academics, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. This will ensure their children develop in a healthy manner.

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