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Looking for a Short-term Course in MOJO? Look no Further than Pearl Academy

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Open New Vistas for yourself by Entering into a New Worksphere- MOJO!

Do you have a nose for news? Is there a piece of breaking news in your area that you want to cover? Today, you can use your mobile phone to become a journalist. But first, it requires some skills that you may want to acquire. And this can only be possible by learning the significances of mobile journalism (MOJO) from a school of journalism and communications.

It’s Time to Change the Track!

Today, careers are entering a new phase thanks to new technologies. One such promising career is mobile journalism or MOJO. All it takes is the smartphone that you carry with you and you can make videos and news. Content is very important in today’s world. And how it is produced and consumed is mostly shaped by mobile phones. Today, MOJO can be used to gather, edit and distribute news to the audience.

Recently, people around the world have witnessed the rise of social media portals like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Consequently, the demand for breaking news on the smartphone is slowly on the rise. For this reason, many journalists are creating and distributing stories through their smartphones in various media organizations.

Pearl Academy- Your Gateway to an Exciting Career in MOJO

There are various institutions across the country offering courses in the field of Mobile Journalism. For instance, you may want to consider the 11-month long weekend certificate course in Mobile Journalism at Pearl Academy. If you have passed your 12th standard, you can add this course to your resume along with your additional studies. With this course, you can use your smartphone to the maximum. Thus, you can explore ways to bring out the journalist in you. The training from leading mobile journalism experts and digital media specialists at Pearl Academy will provide wings to your career. The Academy’s eminent faculty can make you reach out to the world.

The exciting part about journalism today is the kind of advanced tools we have at our disposal to tell stories. Today, we may have print and broadcast media as well as online and social media to tell stories. Still, a journalist must be familiar with all kinds of formats. Therefore, adding a mobile journalism course to your profile can enhance your journalism career. You can learn how to use infographics, data, moving images and still pictures. This will lend the required depth and context to your news.

Everyone today wants to tell stories. And, very soon the rise of mobile journalism will overtake the rest forms of storytelling. Students of mobile journalism know how to build a strong media portfolio. This they realize by learning the basics and important elements of narrating and broadcasting stories.

More Reasons to Foray into the Field

The reason why mobile journalism is becoming popular is that it is encouraging new forms of digital innovation and creativity. Through your smartphone, you can record calls and interviews. You can quickly respond to comments and questions from your audience and directly connect with your viewers through chat and social messaging. You will be able to learn the difference between social media and digital production and make the best use of your phone as a production studio in your pocket.

Take advantage of a wide range of journalism studies that top media schools have to offer including media and communication courses, journalism courses, and mobile journalism. With a top-quality smartphone in your hand, the Mojo course at Pearl Academy will inspire the journalist in you and make you the next big face of Indian media.

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