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A Career in Chemical Engineering

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A career in chemical engineering

The branch of engineering that uses physical sciences, life sciences together along with economics and mathematics to processes that help in converting raw materials and chemicals into something more valuable is termed as chemical engineering. Chemical engineers are also responsible for pioneering valuable materials and related techniques that are essential in fields like Biomedical Engineering, Fuel Cells, Nanotechnology, and others.

The first mention of chemical engineering can be traced to the nineteenth century in relation to the production of sulphuric acid. By 1910, the profession of Chemical Engineering was already in common use in the United States and Britain.

Courses on Chemical Engineering in colleges and universities began to be taught from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The first course on chemical engineering was introduced in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. Also, read Career Opportunities in Petrochemical Engineering.

Chemical Engineering in India

A country like India where thousands of graduates pass as engineers every year, chemical engineering is a favorable option for those who want to pursue their higher studies in engineering. Those who have an aptitude and have a keen interest in chemicals, probably chemical engineering is the best option for them.

Chemical engineering is different from that of Chemical technology as it is concerned with supervision, designing, construction, installation and operation of plants and equipment required in the manufacturing of chemical products; while chemical technology is applicable in fields like Fertilizer Technology, Petroleum Refinery, Processing of Food, Agricultural Products, Recycling Metals and so on.

The work of a chemical engineer is versatile to a large extent as it involves invention, operation, design processes etc. in industries. They end up combining the work of several fields such as industrial engineers, electrical engineering and materials engineering. Chemical engineers are responsible for making high-quality material available that are essential for running an industrial economy. Apart from designing equipment and operating chemical plants, they are also responsible for determining problems and finding their solutions.

Academic Programme on Chemical Engineering Focuses on areas like

Academic Programs and Institutes

In order to become a chemical engineer, one should have a graduate or post-graduate degree in the same stream. Candidates can also opt for a diploma which is usually of 3 years duration. This diploma can be pursued upon completing the 10th standard. The basic eligibility criteria for a Bachelors in Engineering (BE) is 10+2 with pure science. Pure science implies Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. A degree course in engineering is of 4 years duration.

The academic programme on Chemical Engineering focuses on areas like

  • Polymer Processing
  • Polymer Technology
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Polymer Synthesis
  • Polymer Testing

The postgraduate programme offer specializations in petroleum refining, food processing, fertilizer technology, mineral-based industry and others.

Learn all the details of Chemical Engineering

Opportunities and Remuneration

A vast field in itself, the job prospects in Chemical Engineering is numerous. They usually work in the manufacturing field. And their work varies from petroleum and petrochemicals to food industry, environmental control, biotechnology and a few others. Chemical engineers can find employment opportunities in both the private and public sector. Areas, where they can seek employment, are processing, research, and development, manufacturing, construction, and design.

Candidates who are interested in the teaching profession can end up procuring jobs in engineering colleges. The pharmaceutical industry is another sector where chemical engineers can seek employment. Those who are more intrigued by extensive research can seek opportunities in more specialized fields such as Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, and others. You may also like to read, 10 Hottest Careers For College Graduates in 2018.

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