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The Choicest 45 Web Development Tools that Web Developers Count

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Your website is the first point of reference for your customers online. They gather about your brand, its products, and services from the site. Therefore, there should be precision and attention to details while developing a website. Moreover, web development is a vast subject. It is so, as it involves multiple technological applications and other intricate processes.

Meanwhile, one essential aspect of web development is the website development tools. This is, as from custom to open source, there are plenty of tools to select from. Have you been thinking about creating a corporate website? If yes, then you surely want custom web development tools as well as platforms that would cater to your requirement. Therefore, here are the best 45 website development tools. Meanwhile, these are the tools that ace web design Nashville developers have depended on most in 2018. We can group them into the following categories:

The JavaScript Libraries

Firstly, JavaScript is a prominent programming language online. JavaScript library is one that is pre-written in JavaScript. It also enables quick access across the development of an application or website. It comprises of the following:

jQuery – A fast and small feature-rich JS library

React– This is JavaScript library for Facebook that one uses for creating user interfaces.

jQuery Mobile– A user interface system, that’s HTML5-based. Moreover, it is designed to develop responsive websites.

Lodash– A new age utility library that offers performance, extras, and modularity.

Moment.js– This helps to authenticate, manage, parse and showcase dates in JavaScript.

jQuery UI– This comprises of a curated suite of user interface interactions, themes, and widgets. Furthermore, it also covers effects.

Underscore.js– It is a functional programming helper that operates without expanding any inbuilt objects.

BackBoneJS– Provides your JS app a compact backbone with views, models, and events. In addition to these, it also involves collections.

D3.js– It’s a JavaScript library that the coding specialists use for managing documents based on data.

Web Application Frameworks

What is a web application framework? It’s a software framework the coders use to eradicate the web application and services development hassles.

Ruby– Firstly, Ruby on Rails is a popular application framework. Moreover, it comprises of everything you need to develop any database-backed web applications, along with an MVC pattern.

Meteor – Firstly, it is a compact JavaScript app platform. It collates every element you require to generate new age web and mobile apps in addition to a single JavaScript codebase.

AngularJS – Use this to extend the HTML vocabulary for web apps. Even though it’s lightweight and often called a library, AngularJS is a framework. – It is a compact and free application framework. Hence, you can use ASP to generate standard web solutions.

CakePHP– Firstly, it is a prominent PHP framework. Hence, use it to make web application development quicker and easier. It also needs less code.

Laravel– Firstly, it is an open-source and free PHP web application framework. Moreover, the coders use it to generate web applications on the MVC model.

Django – This is a high-end Python Web framework. Furthermore, you can use it to create precise web design fast.

Symfony – Firstly, it comprises of a suite of the reusable web application framework. Moreover, it contains PHP elements.

Zend Framework 2 – It is an open source framework that users use to create web services in PHP. Moreover, they also create applications with it.

Flask – Firstly, flask is a micro-framework for the coders using Python. Moreover, it is based on Jinja 2 and Werkzeug.

Codelgniter – A powerful PHP framework designed for web developers who want a sophisticated and simple tool to generate compact web apps.

Phalcon – In summary, it’s a PHP framework offered as C-extension. 

Express – This is a minimalistic web framework that programmers use for Node.js.

Front-end Frameworks

Front-end Frameworks usually comprises a package that includes folders and files. For example, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It also includes several stand-alone frameworks as well.

Bootstrap – This is a CSS, HTML and JS framework. Moreover, it is also used for creating mobile first, responsive web projects.

Semantic UI – Firstly, it is a kind of a development structure. Moreover, the coders use it to generate responsive patterns with human-friendly HTML.

Uikit – A front-end modular structure used for creating fast and robust web interfaces.

Foundation – It belongs to the clan of responsive front-end structures. Use it to generate responsive apps and websites easily. It’s helpful in designing emails that look good on any device.

Languages and Platforms

Language is the base of every website development tool. Simply put, a programming language is a constructed language that programmers and designers use to interact with a computing device. They also use it to generate programs that you can manage.

PHP – A prominent scripting language apt for web development.

Ruby – An open-source, programming language which offers high productivity and simplicity.

HTML5 – It is a useful markup language with the recent version of XHTML and HTML.

CSS3 – The recent version of CSS effective in front-end development of applications and sites.

NodeJS – An event-based I/0 server-side JS platform that is dependent on V8.

Rust – It is a well-liked system programming language. It runs fast, ensures thread security and averts segfaults.

JavaScript – A favorite HTML programming language used for web development.

Scala – A pure-bred object driven language that enables the hassle-free movement to multiple functional designs and styles.

Elixir – A functional dynamic language, programmers and coders use Elixir to create scalable applications.

Goland – It is an open source programming language. It helps to generate reliable, easy and useful software.

SQL – Many programmers know it as the structured query language. They use SQL in addition to relational databases.

Python – A favored programming language which enables you to work and incorporate systems efficiently.


A database is a set of data stored systematically. Programmers can manage, retrieve and update the database as well.

Redis – It’s an in-memory, open source data structure store that is utilized as a message broker, database, and cache.

MongoDB – This is a new age database that enables you to generate apps that weren’t possible before.

PostgreSQL – This is a potent, open-source object-based relational database matrix.

MariaDB – Developed by MySQL, this tool is gaining prominence as an open source database server.

MySQL – This is one of the most famous open source databases around the globe.

Text Editors and Code Editors

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking notes, writing markdowns or are coding. The relevance of a compact text editor is always there.

Atom – A popular new age text editor that is easy to use. It’s a favorite for many web developers.

On an Ending Note

Website development comes with its own set of challenges. Today, more start-ups and other entrepreneurs are coming up with striking websites to dominate the online market, bag increased customer base and gain maximum visibility. Hence, selecting the best web development tool is imperative. If you are planning to custom your website, you can choose from these top 45 web application tools that web developers find smart and useful.

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